Matryoshka doll is a symbol of Russia!

Why Matryoshka is a symbol of Russia is quite understandable – it is a folk-soul in a charming form and with a lot of content.

Everyone knows the Russian souvenir, the Matryoshka doll. She is considered to be a native Russian resident. She is the one who is trying to bring home foreign tourists as a Russian souvenir or get a gift from Russia. Children play with Matryoshka with pleasure, in many houses she became an interior decoration long ago.

Few people know that Russian Matryoshka has no Russian roots at all. There are many myths about its origin. Most researchers believe that the prototype of the Matryoshka doll was a Japanese deity, whose figure also moved apart and contained smaller parts. This Japanese figure was a bald old man.
The author of our matryoshka doll was a turner Zvezdochkin, and a peasant girl painted by the artist Malyutin. Why was she called Matryoshka?

It is believed that this name comes from the Russian name Matron. In turn, this name has its roots. It came from the Latin Matrona, which means “noble woman”. This is a good name,because really the doll has become truly “noble”.
Very quickly matryoshka became a symbol of Russian folk art. These symbols have instantly spread across Russia. In each province, it was “dressed” according to local traditions. Often, along with the outfit, the doll’s shape was changed – rounded up and then lengthened. Where folk crafts were developed, there were necessarily matryoshkas.

Matryoshka is a symbol of life. A woman gives life to her daughter, who, in turn, will give life to the next being and so on.
Matryoshka symbolizes wealth, fertility, motherhood. That is why it is so loved by the people.

Matryoshka dolls
Traditional folk souvenir includes 7 figures from bigger to smaller size. In a sacred sense, a person has one solid body and six thin ones, which totals seven. In his life, everyone must earn enough layers to be fully prepared for the universe. Why Matryoshka is a symbol of Russia, it is not difficult to guess. It hides in itself ancient commandments of ancestors which help to understand the better soul of the great people.

Sometimes I find time to make Matryoshka dolls. Matryoshka dolls are loved not only souvenir makers. Embroiderers decorate with wonderful Matryoshkas of tablecloths and napkins. My Matryoshka dolls are small brooches. Real Matryoshka dolls do not repeat themselves. This is what makes it possible to fantasize and create beautiful and a little bit magical Matryoshka dolls.


Minimalism fashion 60s for Heidi Ott dolls

  Some history about 60s fashion.

  At the beginning of the 60s there was a sharp change of traditions in fashion. The city of style and new trends was London with its rebellion, avant-garde, and youth. Luxury and tenderness have replaced minimalism and boldness. It became quite obvious that a young and active person should look different.

Fashion features of the ’60s

The fashion of the 60s gave a lot of non-standard and fresh ideas. Among designers and fashion designers, the term “youth fashion” appeared for the first time. Bright, juicy shades, lush skirts became relevant thanks to Brigitte Bardot, Twiggy, Catherine Deneuve. Their new images completely destroyed the old ones. New style icons appeared in the world community.

Incredible colors combination

At that time, non-standard dresses in the style of the 60s, which destroyed many stereotypes. There was a length of mini, carrying a charge of light sexuality, and the sensuality was emphasized very skillfully.

Colors! Colors! Colors!

In 1962, Mary Quantum, an Englishwoman who kept a fashion shop in London, offered the world’s elite a mini length of the dress.Then the world went mad and all the women of the world started wearing minis.

Mary Quant
Innovative Fashion designer Mary Quant on what inspired her to create some of her iconic styles such as the mini skirt and the ‘wet’ look.

  Dress shapes and styles

Dresses in the style of the 60-s is a trapezoidal shape, straight style, no overloaded decor, and accessories. The image of a teenage girl was popular. A symbol of the style of the sixties was a fashion legend – the famous “twiggy girl” with a pseudonym Twiggy. At that point, thinness had become fashionable.

                           Fancy dresses from the sixties    

Models of dresses were quite simple and they was compensated by bright shades and interesting details. In fashion at the time, the colors were juicy: yellow, crimson, blue, bright orange, scarlet. Fashion designers created truly original decor, combined volumetric prints, large elements, black and white and complex images.

Evolution of styles in the ’60s.

I decided to embody the fashion trends of the 1960s in a new collection of silk dresses for Lady Heidi Ott.
Miniature Lady doll from dollhouse by Heidi Ott is a wonderful model to demonstrate fashion dresses.

Small collection of silk dresses for Heidi Ott Lady dolls.

Green silk dress

Light blue silk dress.

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Heidi Ott Male doll.

Heidi Ott’s man.
Well, finally he appeared, Beautiful and courageous Henry. Many of my clients and colleagues told me – When will your ladies and kids get a husband and father)))
And I thought it was time!
Male dolls from Heidi Ott have very realistic body shapes. they have a wide chest and strong legs. They’re a little taller than a Lady, but that’s understandable, a little difference in height is ideal for a beautiful couple.
My choice fell on the doll male with short dark orange hair, him. I assumed he was Irish.)

While he was getting to the new dollhouse, I was collecting knitwear models for him. I was looking through the doll collectors ‘ forums from Heidi Ott and talking to many fans of these dolls and I realized that there is very little realistic knitwear for such dolls. Most of the presented in the market of puppet men’s clothing is made in the old style.

But now many dollhouses are very modern. Therefore, dolls want to wear fashionable and comfortable clothes.

The most convenient type of doll clothes is knitwear. It is stretchy and looks good on the doll. A variety of knitted models from the catalog is quite possible to implement on a scale of 1: 12.

The ideal combination of colors for male sweaters

Do you like this combination of colors?

Until, I have time to make only two sweaters, but the ideas are still very much like models.  Thank you so much for visit my blog!

Maybe this sweater will be next)