American girl mini Julia

In my collection of doll house has a new doll. My new doll Julia from the wonderful American girl doll mini. This mini doll is just as great, only she has a vinyl body , not soft. She’s got an amazing face. It is drawn so beautiful that it seems very alive. Her height is about 16 … Continue reading "American girl mini Julia"

Nano doll from Bluefairy

Last year well-known Korean company BlueFairy announced the release of the new nano-jointed dolls growth of only 4.8 centimeters ( 2 inches). The advertising company was excellent. Fans of miniature dolls could not stay indifferent to the sight of this miracle. Dolls that distinguishes this company from many others? Very cute faces and Soft here, … Continue reading "Nano doll from Bluefairy"

Azone PiccoNeemo mini doll.

Each dolls collection has the most interesting specimen. In my dolls collection, without doubt, here’s the doll from Azone PiccoNeemo. In this image, you can see the size range of these doll bodies.   Many days and weeks, I only looked at it online and read about dolls of this brand. But curiosity still prevailed … Continue reading "Azone PiccoNeemo mini doll."