Letters embroidered

Today my story will be about embroidered letters.  Cross stitch is a beautiful form of needlework that women like. “Ill” embroidery very easy. Ideas for paintings and miniatures are in the air and asks for the canvas.  I was fascinated by it. But, at first,  it was embroidery on finished schemes. I’m not going to … Continue reading "Letters embroidered"

Story about wire

I seem to have knit all my life. Tried all the techniques and ways of knitting. But always the basic material was yarn. But a few years ago, while in Venice in one of the amazing workshops of Venetian masters, I saw an elderly lady was knitting from a brilliant yarn. I the corner of my … Continue reading "Story about wire"

About me

Hello, I am Olga. I am from Russia. I was born in Severomorsk, where he served in the Navy, my father. Later he moved to Saint Petersburg, where I live now. Petersburg for me, the most favorite city, the eternal source of inspiration and admiration of cultural heritage. “I from early childhood, as far as … Continue reading "About me"