Miniature story is 2 inches length.

When You already know me and know about my dollhouse hobby, I want to acquaint You with the inhabitants of my small dolls country and their stories.
Let’s start with the youngest residents, only 2 inches length.


Someone who chooses?  We choose puppet or……


In this baby I fell in love at first sight, seeing him so small in a big lot on eBay. Lot didn’t break, and the whole merry company of 5 dolls together went to me.
When they arrived, I did not regret his discovery and purchase. All 5 dolls have been charming and baskets that were in the package also came in handy.
The kid was amazing and magical. This miracle growth of only 5 cm ( 2inches)7

The country of origin, as was evident from the inscription on back Germany. Made of thin plastic. He called celluloid. Very fragile and weightless. This material, along with porcelain was very popular in the years 60-70. Arms and legs are connected by rubber bands inside a small calf. Face charming and well-drawn.

il_570xn-1121781432_rmmy 4

The first time I was even afraid to hold him in my arms, it seemed to me that awkward movement I can break it. Now, this kid is my favorite, and recently his brother) to Knit for him is great fun.


I also have a doll of domestic production. This doll is also 5 cm (2 inches). It is made in the town Sergiev Posad. It is made of soft plastic and also has movable arms and legs. To have such in the days of my childhood, was the dream of every girl.
Now, when I grew up, my dream has come true) But as they say:” Dreams should come true, no matter how long this requires time”.3


More of my works you can see in my little shop

Story about wire

I seem to have knit all my life. Tried all the techniques and ways of knitting. But always the basic material was yarn.
But a few years ago, while in Venice in one of the amazing workshops of Venetian masters, I saw an elderly lady was knitting from a brilliant yarn. I the corner of my eye watched her, but then broke down and asked what she is knitting.
And then I just froze. She used to knit wire!      My surprise was not the limit.
And so when I returned home I, of course, tried to knit with wire.
There are so funny to look at my first, clumsy and awkward. Has been studied a huge amount of learning material and just tons transferred to the sample wire. It was an ordinary one from an old motor)))
At that time it was difficult to find the good stuff. And I postponed for a while this way and returned to normal yarn. A couple of years I still found the good colored wire and has resumed his efforts to create something similar for decoration.
Now you can see the latest work. The study used German and English wire combined with Japanese beads.


Then I’m preparing for a contest long thought what to communicate so as to convey the color and texture of the fabric… and was born a series of Palette…



I like to combine wire with beads. Thus was born the bracelet with a simulated small town




In the course of usually are different items of jewelry that I give friends. Thus was born the bracelet Watch.7



“Apotheosis” of my work was a small book devoted to tutorials on creating jewelry related from a wire. In it I showed in detail of master-classes is not complicated, according to him, anyone who owns the hook will be able to please yourself or friends with an unusual decoration.


Story about the kindness and Kelly.

Remember in the first post, I told you the story of the emergence of my very first doll? I called her Nina. This doll Simba Evi.

My first doll

Nina has become my favorite model. Just for her, I did the first collection of dresses and suits. I, naive, thought that this is Kelly))) And therefore on different resources, exposing my works, wrote that this outfit dress for Kelly))
Now, of course, I know the real Kelly.) So… On one of these sites I wrote one good lady:” Your dress is very cute, but why do you show them on the wrong doll?”
At first, I was taken aback, but our dialogue continued and the lady gave me a gift with a note – “I want you to show your wonderful outfits on this Kelly, so I’ll send you the doll as a gift.”
I was touched to the depths of such a proposal and waited for the overseas guest.
After a month I finally received a package from the US, and what was my surprise in the bag lay as many as two dolls!!! So cute and nice. Blondie and brunette with a short bob. They were naked and completely ready to dress in beautiful outfits.
I’m certainly in response made a dress for my kind companion. So all the attention is on the screen. Yes,

I forgot to say that the first time I wanted to move away from the bright colors and tie something in subtle shades.il_570xn-1172530479_gy3iimage1