Miniature dollhouse dolls


In the first publication, I wrote about the doll 4 inches. I am very glad that I can show all my works and Hobbies. Following my discovery of steel miniature babies. Stumbled on them, I fell in love and fantasy began to play incessantly. They are so cute and soft, and so comfortable to lie on the palm that is not possible not to fall in love with them. First I knit just dresses, blouses and pants. Then came the inspiration and the outfits have become thematic. In working with these babies I use a very tiny hook and fine wool for embroidery. The course is everything I accumulated in my entire creative life) Beads and ribbons, lace and cloth. Meet my babies.45df00 55b785 03703a 7955dd dc0e1c  il_570xN.934033159_t45d il_570xN.934287514_lk02 il_570xN.1012606303_ffeail_570xN.862951400_ew8l


My first doll

How is that going to work tired and exhausted, I saw about subway grandma, which was sold on tiny tables all the difference.You certainly have seen this picture more than once. I kind of would have passed, but the peripheral vision drew on the table a doll. I stopped and began to examine her. Fatigue evaporate like the morning mist… and here I am, happy owner of a small and very cute doll. Of course then I found out that these dolls are a dime a dozen.But this was for me a godsend.She brought me back to my recent past when the main job was knitting to order. And here I got a model that is not capricious, not spinning and not talking on the phone. Which is everything that I neither tied. Any color and any style choice) And I started to create a wardrobe for… naturally, the question arose about the name of my model. Among my friends and acquaintances was a competition for the name. And in the hard struggle for the championship, won the name of Nina. Now Nina was full and almost sole my client. A few of my outfits I want to show you.

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