Miniature knitted accessories for Heidi Ott lady

Small knitted accessories can be added to the warm winter clothing set. Beautiful knitted long sweater and leggings, a plain black jumper and bright red socks. Do you like these options for winter clothes? Who can do in the winter without mittens, socks, hats, and scarves? Therefore, the doll’s wardrobe is no exception. Your doll will be charming in miniature mittens and socks.

white knit accessories for doll


Miniature mittens and scarf


White miniature socks

I have long hesitated to try to associate them with needles. Having overcome fear and excitement, I took the job. Not everything went smoothly in the beginning, I dismissed a lot and started again. A little later, I got exactly what I wanted. One of my customers asked me to make some accessories for winter for her Heidi Ott lady doll. Long socks, mittens, and leg warmers.
It was not so scary, and even exciting.
Thus was born a small collection of long socks and mittens.

In winter, especially beautiful look bright colors in clothes. The dusty rose shade in combination with purple, suitable for brunettes.

For several seasons, women prefer knitted shawls ( baktus) instead of traditional scarves.

miniature knitted shawl for Heidi Ott Lady

The combination of black and red will never go out of fashion.

Men’s style hats will add charm to the perfect women’s suit.


Gray hat in men style

These and many other clothing sets for Heidi Ott lady doll can see in my Etsy shop.

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Doll outfit made by my hands is unique. I use to create doll clothes only high-quality yarn and don’t like doing exact duplicates of my work.  You can be sure of the exclusivity of the doll’s clothes and of course in its quality. Talking about this reviews grateful my clients.
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Porcelain vintage doll for sale

It’s time to part with one of my miniature dolls. I don’t like to say goodbye to them, and I do it very rarely. Sometimes I sell babies 5cm (2in) tall when I have a small number of them.
For sale, I put the doll fully dressed, as they say, with a dowry.

A few months ago I caught the eye of a whole family of vintage dolls from different authors. I’ve been following them for days and thinking about them. Almost all of them were made of plastic, such I especially love. And only two of them were made of clay. And that’s one of them I want to offer for sale. I know that many collectors love and collect precisely such vintage porcelain small dolls.4996

I don’t know the author of this doll, but think that this doll was made a long time ago. Dolls face is very sweet and gentle. Arms and legs are moving. The doll is made very carefully and can decorate any doll collection.49856287

I made her a full set of clothes. White knitted dress with dark blue ornament. Pants and jacket with a hood are decorated with the same dark blue ornament.

6237The white miniature knitted cap will fit for the dress and for the blue set.6241

A full set of clothes and accessories for the crib is made in the same style and knitted with crochet and knitting needles of high-quality yarn.

6298For the little doll I made a small basket with a blanket and a pillow that can serve as a cradle. The cradle is decorated with lace.




Miniature doll with this kit you can see in my store. I hope someone likes it. And the doll will go to his new home.6245