Heidi Ott dolls sweaters 2019

In the cool season cannot do without a warm and cozy sweater. New 2019 the brand “Creativhook” offers not only classic models of sweaters but also new collections, in which you can see several original and extravagant options. So, what sweaters will be the most fashionable in the wardrobes of dollhouses? Every fashionable wardrobe of … Continue reading "Heidi Ott dolls sweaters 2019"

Nano Fairy miniature doll

  Once a little doll, which is called Nano  Fairy, walking and stumbled upon a beautiful house. ” who lives in this house?- she thought. She knocked on the door. Nobody opened. She looked around and even tried to climb over the fence)))) But he fell. Then she decided to wait for a little and … Continue reading "Nano Fairy miniature doll"