Thinking out loud No. 1

Creative ideas fly directly in the air. It is only to lend a hand and to have time to catch the elusive thought, the time to bring it to life. Not worth it for a very long time “to bear” the thought, wait for it to finally “ripen” in the head in the form of … Continue reading "Thinking out loud No. 1"

The Story about Hujoo doll

Today I’ll show you another doll from my Dollhouse. This doll came to me about a year ago. She became very happy for her because I created the most beautiful dresses, which later became my main models. I first learned to change wigs and eyes. Before her, I had no idea how to do it. … Continue reading "The Story about Hujoo doll"

Miniature embroidery

I create dresses for dolls. And I really wanted to use miniature embroidery to decorate small dresses. The doll is my most obedient models and dressing them is a lot of fun. Any of them can be very beautiful in the fancy dress. I usually crochet a simple pattern. This method of knitting in combination … Continue reading "Miniature embroidery"