Porcelain doll for sale

Так что пришло время расстаться с одной из моих миниатюрных кукол. Я не люблю прощаться с ними, и я делаю это очень редко. Иногда я продаю младенцев 5 см (2 дюйма) в высоту, когда у меня их небольшое количество. И для продажи, я положил куклу, полностью одетую, как говорится, с приданым. A few months ago … Continue reading "Porcelain doll for sale"

Heidi Ott dolls family

Doll collections are not always made quickly. They are replenished slowly and consciously. The beginning of my collection Heidi Ott dolls has launched a few months ago when I bought a Toddler baby doll. When I got used to it and loved it, I thought I’d be ready to create clothes for the little doll … Continue reading "Heidi Ott dolls family"

Doll from childhood

What would you like to receive a gift as a memory of your childhood? A warm evening, when it is possible to remove the hated coat or warm jacket, throw away the hat, mittens, and scarf. And breathing in fresh spring and the warm breeze to run out into the yard. And there, on the … Continue reading "Doll from childhood"