Porcelain doll for sale

Так что пришло время расстаться с одной из моих миниатюрных кукол. Я не люблю прощаться с ними, и я делаю это очень редко. Иногда я продаю младенцев 5 см (2 дюйма) в высоту, когда у меня их небольшое количество. И для продажи, я положил куклу, полностью одетую, как говорится, с приданым. A few months ago … Continue reading "Porcelain doll for sale"

Travel, dolls and plans!

I just came from the post office. Before of a small vacation, all the orders are sent, and now I can relax a little. What to do in these few days before the flight? Start collecting things in a suitcase? Too early))) a Little quiz about where I was going. This is one of the … Continue reading "Travel, dolls and plans!"

Nano doll from Bluefairy

Last year well-known Korean company BlueFairy announced the release of the new nano-jointed dolls growth of only 4.8 centimeters ( 2 inches). The advertising company was excellent. Fans of miniature dolls could not stay indifferent to the sight of this miracle. Dolls that distinguishes this company from many others? Very cute faces and Soft here, … Continue reading "Nano doll from Bluefairy"