Heidi Ott dolls family

Doll collections are not always made quickly. They are replenished slowly and consciously. The beginning of my collection Heidi Ott dolls has launched a few months ago when I bought a Toddler baby doll. When I got used to it and loved it, I thought I’d be ready to create clothes for the little doll … Continue reading "Heidi Ott dolls family"

Baby doll blanket

Today I will show a little novelty. Here’s a blanket I tried to crochet for my dolls. For the background, I decided to use the idea of cross-stitch. The simplest to start. Only 4 colors. This is a pattern of my idea. Each cross of this scheme I have a small box, or as it … Continue reading "Baby doll blanket"

Vintage celluloid dolls

Today’s post is just an overview. While I was busy with orders, I have collected a few beautiful outfits for my dolls.  Here they are my dolls.  These dolls are made of a material called Celluloid. A bit of history about this stuff. Celluloid – one of the first synthetic plastics ever created by man, and that … Continue reading "Vintage celluloid dolls"