Heidi Ott miniature dolls

Thanks to my favorite clients, I’m becoming a collector of small dolls. Very often I am asked to associate dresses for dolls, Heidi Ott.   And as I wrote in my many posts, I want to make the outfits fit the dolls perfectly. For this reason, I often complete my collection with dolls. No exception … Continue reading "Heidi Ott miniature dolls"

I am Lati Haru! Hello!

Here is a miracle appeared in my Dollhouse six months ago. I beg to love and favor, this is Haru, the baby of the family Latidoll. This is a very famous Dolls company produces BJD  of various sizes, organized along the color lines. It is their distinguishing mark. But the color palette only shows the … Continue reading "I am Lati Haru! Hello!"