Creativhook workplace.

As long as I was not))) But this time I spent at work. At first, I was setting up my new workspace. Laid out on the shelves and boxes of my treasures. How I accumulated a lot of yarn and other Spotswood materials. And all it had to organize and distribute according to importance and … Continue reading "Creativhook workplace."

Creativhook unique brooches

Every woman has in her jewelry collection, of course, there is Brooch, and I’m sure, not alone. Usually, a brooch is made of metal with the addition of stones or rhinestones. Usually a brooch is used only as a decoration, however, it often performs the function of the clasp. In our day’s jewelry brooches are … Continue reading "Creativhook unique brooches"

Paisley, attracts and surprises.

It seems that the famous “Indian cucumber” as the pattern is now experiencing a new round of popularity — based on it really is very a well-known brand has managed to produce completely different forms of clothing.The history of the origin of the pattern.   Paisley, Indian cucumber, or, if not accurately, booth — the … Continue reading "Paisley, attracts and surprises."