Porcelain doll for sale

Так что пришло время расстаться с одной из моих миниатюрных кукол. Я не люблю прощаться с ними, и я делаю это очень редко. Иногда я продаю младенцев 5 см (2 дюйма) в высоту, когда у меня их небольшое количество. И для продажи, я положил куклу, полностью одетую, как говорится, с приданым. A few months ago … Continue reading "Porcelain doll for sale"

Petite Blyth.

I was always afraid of these dolls, and I didn’t plan on buying them. But the little doll I took the risk to buy. It was important for me to understand if I could make clothes for her. And, finally, she is in my home. I will make a reservation at once, I bought not … Continue reading "Petite Blyth."

“Fashion verdict”

On Russian television, there is a project called “Fashion verdict”. This is a very popular TV program. The essence of this transmission is that the program invites the woman. Who does not know how to dress or do not know how to combine clothes. One leading it protects and finds many reasons why she does … Continue reading "“Fashion verdict”"