The story about “dacha”. (summer cottage)

“The holiday season is coming to an end…” For all Russians, this phrase is not an empty phrase and not a line from the novel of the century. This Sunday the end of August, I want to tell you about a phenomenon that we can confidently call truly Russian.Perhaps different countries have something similar, and I would like to know about it. But let’s start the story.maxresdefault-190

According to one version, Khrushchev (President of the USSR in the 50-60 years) has been on a visit to Germany, where he saw elderly Germans sitting on a lounger in the shade of his house and read the newspaper. And, supposedly, he decided to bring something similar to the USSR.    According to another version, and I agree with her, in the post-war food shortages decided to allocate people land, even he himself at least partially to feed. With the amount of land, of course, did not work out very well, “regretted” the earth And “cut” only 6 acres.1470179052_dacha-v-istorii3

These plots of land were transferred to workers and employees in perpetuity after they have worked in the enterprise 5 years from the date of receipt of the site. This was fixed in the workplace because 50-years is also the years of the weakening of control over the movement of people and the beginning of internal migration.

As the idea of transfer of these land plots is carried out for subsidiary farming, the members of the “gardening partnerships” ( as became known later groups of owners of these land plots) were imposed requirement that cultivates their 6 acres. This was strictly followed, and could even take away the land if it was not tilled and was planted a certain number of different vegetables. It seems even that is regulated, it is necessary to ask those who remember)gorozhane-smogut-vyrashchivat-ovoshchi-v-stolichnykh-parkakh

But before that the house had yet to prepare a seedling)))


Many areas were planted with fruit trees. But the logic of the state and here was relentless. If the public store sells a working-class family of apples, the store will pay taxes (profit, VAT). But if the working family would have their apples, then the country will lose tax revenue. And came up with “fruit tax.” The plots went a special person (financial inspector), who counted the trees to be placed tax. About it, I was told in the villages by Voronej region. Some villagers were cut down in consequence of their trees.

On such sites in the beginning only grew vegetables. Then only, many people began to build small houses for storage of inventory.This was due to strong limitations in the size of the facilities being built.

My mother’s little house


Limitations in the construction of buildings, the possibility of seizure of land for its cultivation, the shortage of building materials led to the fact that the building on the site became difficult and unprofitable. Therefore built that is easier to store garden tools, but to shelter from the rain. As a result, there is now such houses. And of course, that such buildings)Äà÷íûé òðàäèöèîííûé òóàëåò òèïà ñîðòèð ñ çàêðûòîé äâåðüþ Which by the way at first, too, were forbidden to build.

But all these difficulties were experienced and the people rejoiced to have produce grown with your own hands. The numbers of glass jars of canned food in each house were very large. e989e0a3beb29d16544852a4ac9def80
But it must be mentioned that the land was “cut” in distance from cities, therefore, had to spend time on the way there and back.
There were plenty of cars at the time, so the main means of transport was the “elektrichka” ( electric train), which in the summer was taken to fight. Defend hour with the bags in the train, and then another, to screw with them a couple of miles was in order

200668w600zc0Caraffordsd can not many. The accomplishment was the VAZ-2101 or ZAZ on which to bring the harvest.9f96f2u-960
And the lack of cars, all things had to wear!
Now, all restrictions are removed and the plot size is limited only by the financial capabilities of the family. Houses on plots became residential and the majority of the population spends the summer there. And only a few still grow vegetables and berries, preferring not to “get their hands dirty” on the ground.

Another interesting detail, during repairs in the apartments, citizens do not dispose of old stuff. Almost all of them then went to the garden and gained its second birth. this was especially true of the baths.618bc94f682ad6c19e0e7c6b07190260

In our family, too, was such a suburban area with a big house and “banya”. But after the death of my dad, my mother was difficult to engage and ride away.She is now engaged in farming in a small area, which gave her the use of the parents of the husband of my sister. Sometimes we go and help my mom dig the ground for beds.IMG_2377IMG_2378

But to go to a suburban area and unwind, cook barbecue and eat them in a friendly company, it’s surprisingly good!e2623839_shutterstock_170464922-xxxlarge_2x

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