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The story of the cross

Today my story will be about cross stitch. It’s a beautiful form of needlework that women like. “Ill” embroidery very easy. Ideas for paintings and miniatures are in the air and asks for the canvas. So I was fascinated by it. At first,  it was embroidery on finished schemes. I’m not going to write about the history of embroidery, if you wish, You can find a lot of interesting information about this kind of needlework. I’ll show you my work and a little comment on them.
I found it interesting to create thumbnails with the little girl and letters. And, as always, each picture was accompanied by its story.

It’s the letter O. it begins my name, Olga. I love needlework in all its diversity. I love the blue color, so for the dress, I chose thread in shades of blue.


It’s the letter K. it begins With the most popular song in Russia, “the Katyusha”. This song is about a girl who is waiting for his beloved. Red polka dot dress is very suitable this girl.k


It’s the letter A. It is the first letter of all alphabets. So the girl in the picture in a very beautiful dress.7759%d0%b0


Is the letter N. This girl’s name is Nicole. She lives in Paris and loves the style of 60 years.


It’s the letter S. And this red-haired beauty, Susan. She loves shopping.s


It’s the letter G. And it is ginger. She’s a business lady and loves austerity in clothing.



Is the letter V. that is the name of a little girl who loves to play and to dream.


It’s the letter T. This letter to us is Theresa. She’s a big fan of Audrey Hepburn.8011%d0%b6This is only the beginning of my project. I will continue it, and be sure to finish embroidering all the letters.

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2 thoughts on “The story of the cross

  1. Прекрасные работы, просто чудесные! Жаль что блог на английском.


    1. Спасибо Татьяна! Просто большинство моих клиентов не из России. Возможно несколько следующих постов я напишу по русски.

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