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Crocheted balls

We all love to decorate the Christmas tree for the New year.

The traditional decoration is the balls, big and small, glass and plastic. The best are made by hand. They bring warmth and comfort to any decor of your home. A needlewoman who knit already know and use in decorating the balls, tied with crochet or knitting. And though it is a traditional Christmas decoration, but why not use this option for basic decorating.

This is still utilitarian. Suppose you knit, and you, like any knitters, left a lot of yarn. Small balls are handmade in different drawers and boxes. You get this treasure and born memory. From this yarn, I was knitting your favorite sweater, and from this, I have my favorite scarf or beanie. But this yarn has long attracted me with its brilliance, but that did not matter. These little balls will make your balls not only beautiful but will be a nice reminder of your work.aab692446c34eb26cb94563f91e89248

For strapping, we need ordinary Styrofoam balls or other plastic.
The size of these balls is different, from the biggest to the smallest. It is from different dimensions, will help to create a charming and unique composition.c180ecfa5b29705458395e5bc6cbbfa9
They can be suspended by tapes or cords to the ceiling or to lay on the table in a big glass vase. You can also hang them on the dry branches. Or decorate a wreath on the door or wall.4c44fd79aafaf8c25b75f756b431d83d299e8184623b0115c0d660937bdabdc4

How to tie a balloon you can find many on the Internet. Remember only the most important, try to do it gently picking up yarn and hook.

This is only a small part of my balls. You can use all fantasy and imagination for this wonderful class. Some photos I really liked and I chose from the Internet to accompany my post.

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