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The Artist’s Way

Recently, on the advice of my friend, I read a book by Julia Cameron “Artist’s Way512cefoq2xL._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_If I had to characterize in a few words, this book is intended for those who passionately wish to do but finds this a temporary or permanent difficulty. Who is afraid of the judgment of others or just lazy!

Perhaps she could even become your reference book. Maybe you just needed this jolt in order to Wake up a “Creator”.

I have never had a problem with the work, perhaps there were difficulties with the implementation of many of my creative ideas. When too many of them, or when there is no suitable material for the realization.

But this book caught me in the moment when I suddenly thought about the fact that I’m already 52! and I suddenly started dolls).  In the book, there is a section devoted to the human condition. Suddenly in adulthood, he will unbearably want to do some fun work.
It raises questions about the rejection of the others your hobby. The reasons for this relationship are not clear to me. Can assume only a few motives, zeal for classes, a loved one or their own inability to create. Although I know that every person is talented and capable of creative work. I absolutely agree with the author of the book. Here’s an example of my sister. She can neither sew, don’t knit, but she ingeniously arranges the order of the day and has a mathematical mind.

Your reaction to the book may be different from the total rejection to the absolute consent. But I think that it is necessary to read thoughtfully and not to jump to conclusions and solutions. In the process of reading, you will be probably to argue with the author, reacting to certain statements. But the answer, isn’t that work? Perhaps that is what you need. You can feel only gratitude to the author for the fact that it provided the opportunity to experience such a major creative upheaval. A little difficult for me to master the main message of the author is to write morning pages) But I believe that sooner or later, I still decide to do it!julia
And the last thing I wanted to tell you, this book “practical” in the sense that the exercises described in the book you will have to perform. Why you do not want to be responsible for your creativity or for your failure of creativity? This exercise is a serious challenge, they just require a serious attitude serious and responsible action. The author, as a doctor, gives the prescription of the cure. It is quite uncompromising in this. She has no semitones or implicit decisions. But I suppose you will agree with me that most often, we help such solutions to the problem.

Read this book, do not take the time with her. Maybe you will find some answers to your questions, even when distrust and resistance. If You will only give yourself a chance and try to put into practice what I wrote Julia Cameron, the result will be! Seriously impossible to read this book and not change

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