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Branding and growth , Day one: Set three goals

I am taking part in the training course “Branding and growth.” My task for today is:- Install the three goals I set myself. Since I’m on vacation, it’s easy for me to think about it in a relaxed atmosphere and deal with goals and tasks that I have to decide when I get home.

The first objective! I want my work to know more people. So they could appreciate my hard work. I want to pass the desire to do all the readers of my blog. I want to find interesting and passionate about dolls of people.To new subscribers during the month.

The second objective! I want to stop being afraid of publicity. To learn clearly, vividly and clearly Express my thoughts to readers. Try to find interesting moments in ordinary life and to show it to my readers.

The third goal! I want to write a few posts per month. To stop being lazy) And not to leave my blog halfway. But perhaps this course will help me!

5 thoughts on “Branding and growth , Day one: Set three goals

  1. Great! I have also published my first-post recently. Writing more helps to improve the writing. English is also my second lanugage and I welcome you to visit my blog.

    Best Wishes.


      1. Do not worry about your English, the more you write better you become. I am looking forward to read your next blog.


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