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Pamukkale – the eighth wonder of the world.

After a long busy work year, now I rest in Turkey. A small town near Alanya. Amazingly soft and warm climate and a large number of magnificent places to see. Pamukkale is an area in Turkey with geothermal sources, which have no analogues anywhere in the world. The complex of the 17 mineral springs, known since antiquity, a UNESCO world heritage site and represents the outskirts of the ancient volcanic plateau, towering above the plain at 100 meters.20170524_074803Mineral water heated by the bowels of the earth up to +30… +100° millennia flowed down the slopes of the plateau, forming travertine — small natural pools with a bizarre ledges of limestone. Sources saturated with calcium bicarbonate to form on the surface of the sediment of the purest white color. In addition to calcium rich water and other chemical elements and compounds: magnesium, hydrocarbon, sodium sulfate. For many centuries this white veil has covered the entire slope of the plateau, and today Pamukkale, which translated from Turkish means “cotton castle”, really looks like a huge mountain of cotton, mythical giants laid out to dry. In fact, a natural phenomenon formed by the strongest earthquakes, savehaven rock, and formed cracks through which underground water rushed to the surface.IMG_194220170524_074627IMG_2018In the II century the Romans built near the travertines, Hierapolis city, which later became the resort. For many decades in the vicinity of the sources being excavated that shed light on the history of the ancient settlement. In 2012, archaeologists found the grave of the Basilica of St. Philippe, and a year later found the cave of Pluto, a place which was considered in ancient times the entrance to Hell.IMG_1989IMG_1979IMG_1966IMG_1985The hot springs of Pamukkale, come not only to see and capture the fantastic beauty of this unique place and rejuvenate in the healing waters and baths which, according to legend, took her Cleopatra. Also, the resort organized health treatments, including mud therapy, mineral water treatment and Spa treatments. Spring water varies in three types, each of which helps in the treatment of certain ailments: rickets, rheumatism, cardiovascular and gastrointestinal diseases, psoriasis, eczema; relieves fatigue and stress.r212And of course the Ancient amphitheatre, so vast that it can accommodate some 2,000 people.IMG_1998IMG_1964Before Pamukkale, we visited the town of Demre. It is the birthplace of St. Nicholas. He is known throughout the world as Babbo Natale. This is one of the most revered saints, the patron Saint of travelers and women. But more about this next story. My little Haru also travels with us and shows new items to our collection of wind chimes. It seems on arrival home you will have to do another showcase for our treasures.IMG_2067

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