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“Everything is in our hands, so no need to put them down!” Coco Chanel.

I am 52 years old. In October 2017 will mark 53. I’m not ashamed to talk about my age, and saying that it is improper to ask a woman about her age, I’m not pretty.

So….I am 52 years old. As I wrote in one of my posts, I’m engaged in creative work. Knitting, as it turns out, that’s exactly my class! Even in the last couple of years when I worked in the hotel business, I still found time for my favorite pastime. And here a year ago the hotel business was finished, and I again focused on my hobby. And again made it my job. What I realized now, after a long break.

****The professionalism has no expiration date. With age, your professional skills are only better because they are enriched with experience.****
So. All I knew and know now helps me to create doll clothes. And the fact that she’s tiny, makes me continue learning and improving skills.
I’m not trying to repeat itself and to work like I worked before. It is not possible and in my opinion counterproductive.

“With age and experience changes our attitude to work and that work brings us joy and satisfaction”

In one book I read the following lines – ” Don’t be afraid to start a new business, regardless of years. There is nothing better for the brain than new experiences and challenges. There is nothing healthier than a case that is fun.” How is this formulated correctly and precisely? And here are a few rules or expectations which appeared to me important and worthy to share them with you.

1  Let’s start small but their own business. It will give you freedom and a sense of belonging, and most importantly, the ability not to depend on other people’s stereotypes about your age and your occupation. To obtain salary, you need to convince others of their abilities and, to get income — enough to convince yourself

2  Do not hire and do not hire. They sell the results of their personal work and their personal abilities.

3  Find what you love to do anyway, and learn how to get paid for it. This is the job of your dreams. Remember: what you like to do, is a hobby. That hobby became a business, you need to find a form in which it is claimed by others. It’s not always easy, but always possible.

4  Imaginary features are always more attractive than real. But the real good that they can be used.

5  Use your expertise and not your time. Selling your time, you will lose it by selling your experience — just multiply it.

6  Age when too late to learn a new profession, does not exist. Age does not create physical constraints. They create our perception of it.

And the most important thing for me – “With age, learning becomes more difficult and easier!”

I’m back from vacation, with a new mood and new ideas. I’ve had time to think about your classes. I know exactly what I want. Therefore, only forward!

One thought on ““Everything is in our hands, so no need to put them down!” Coco Chanel.

  1. Your courage has become my motivation, Madam. It is so motivating to see you doing so great in this age. All linguistic issues aside, I think you’re the role model for many of youngsters.


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