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Sunday in the Park.

Promised to tell you about the Subway, but then I thought that while on the street good weather, you have to enjoy the warmth and fresh air.IMG_3267

Bridge to Park


About the subway, I’ll tell you later, but for now, let’s take a walk in the Park…Where to go city dweller to relax from the hustle and workflow, and to enjoy the natural beauty and breathe fresh air?
Well, of course in the Theme Park and entertainment!IMG_3264

Near my home is such an amazing Park. It is located on the island called Yelagin. Once a Royal Palace, Yelagin island since the middle of last century passed into the possession of the state and became the Central Park of culture and rest, from that moment it opened its doors to all comers.

It looked like a Palace in the 18th century

cccc Yelagin island is a unique natural and guarded complex. It is the northernmost island in the Neva Delta. In 2012 the territory of Gorky Park of S. M. Kirova (Elagin Island) received the status of                            “Specially Protected Natural Territory”.3212Most parks in St. Petersburg was founded on the territories of the Palace-Park ensembles, founded in the Petrine period, they subsequently received significant development and has acquired a festive look, typical of the style of Russian Baroque.

The decoration of the Palace


Their surroundings have become regular parks, which had a symmetric layout, rectilinear alleys, trimmed trees and shrubs and an abundance of pavilions, fountains, many sculptures have become part of works of landscape art.15011417145530photo_gal_008
As you can imagine the intensive development of large cities, it is difficult to win a place for this Park). That’s why city dwellers are so eager to rest in such parks. Park on Elagin Island is special. On its territory you can not just break, as you know, a change of activity is to rest. yelagin-island-river-boat-jammingFor example, you can play tennis, or ride a boat on the rivers and canals of St. Petersburg to listen to an amazing guided tour about the history of the great city and then returning to the island to eat in one of the Park cafes. photo_gal_026

Kids can take in a small zoo and a show alive, not the typical pictures of Pets. f you like sports, and that the island has many interesting. aaaaaFor example, I like to shoot in the dash)) this time I missed only 5 times out of 20))) Bragging).  Sorry that I forgot to take pictures ((( so I found this “winter” photo.5236

In the heart of  Elagin Island, in a newly renovated building in the Cavalier building, has opened “Creative dacha”.  photo_gal_018All guests of the Park has a relaxed and comfortable environment for immersion in a fascinating process of creativity. “Creative Dacha” offers three areas of educational programs: musical, intellectual and artistic-aesthetic.  photo_gal_009

The most exciting event of steel fancy dress dance. These dance evenings for adults and children organized on Elagin Island in the historical tradition of the nineteenth century. Produced programs for organized groups are also monthly dance night for single visitors. All programs are designed for different age groups, for children, and for adults.eee

And of course the show!!! Showrooms Elaginoostrovsky Palace Museum located in the court of the stable building. The stable building opened to the public in 2010 after restoration. This two-story building has a horseshoe-shaped plan and consists of the main facade with the Propylaea, connecting two symmetrical wings. In them, when he was here on Yelagin Island Imperial summer residence that housed a wing-aide-de-camps and Suite of the Empress. In the rest of the building was stable by the officers, Cossacks, and grooms. In the semicircular part of the building were stored forage, hay, where the carriages and stables for horses. The stable building consisted of residential and farm buildings and was constructed in the form of a beautiful scenery. The building has two courtyards, paved in the tradition of nineteenth-century cobblestones.IMG_3253

We c husband, strolling through the Park, accidentally hit on the magic show puppet. He, sharing my passion for dolls came with me. And did not regret.IMG_3257IMG_3254IMG_3259IMG_3243
As we say in Russia – Tired but happy, we returned home!!!
Until next time my dear readers!

But this picture is my surprise))))IMG_3277





























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  1. Спасибо за такой хороший рассказ и интересные фотографии!


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