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Heidi Ott lady new clothes.

When all orders are sent, can take a break and finally write a new post about my favorite doll. The other day I came back from the post office, sent orders, and decided to clean up the workplace. While I was laying out the yarn and the needles and putting the dolls on the shelf, I thought……and which one I like more. Or so, for which of them is it more interesting to me to make clothes?)4230

More often this is the doll for which the next order is made) or the doll that is new or just recently I had.
But in my collection, there is a doll that makes me want to make clothes for real customers. And this doll is a woman from Heidi Ott.

Her is not comparable to the mobility of BJD dolls and my dear baby lati white and I can not yet compare the lady doll from Heidi Ott with other dolls made for doll houses. Nevertheless, its mobility is great. And it is very important to me that any poses that this doll takes are very natural. In the women-doll by Heidi Ott delicately played the Golden mean: they do not have deliberate puppetry, a primitive dolls of other brands, specially produced for doll houses. The Creator managed to avoid and emphasized naturalism. That’s it for this she is my favorite doll.
Creating realistic clothes for this doll requires special attention and patience. This does not mean that other dolls and their outfits, I am not carefully) Just a Lady from Heidi Ott very fragile and any fitting specified great accuracy.

For her, I have created many sets of clothes. Many I sometimes repeat at the request of customers. The new collection is quite small and consists of dresses and several sweaters, which I think are quite nice and interesting.
So….attention to the screen….fashion show begins.5823




After light dresses, we pass to warm sweaters. And though it’s summer, about the autumn wardrobe is time to think.


Little show of my works.


We will complete this collection with a white dress and family photos. It’s a dollhouse, and it has kids. I will write about them in the next story.5976598359995997

Many thanks to all my readers and clients. very soon all new products will be available in my store.

2 thoughts on “Heidi Ott lady new clothes.

  1. I also like Heidi Ott’s dolls very well. I’m delighted to have three in the collection.
    Your show is beautiful, I admire the sculpted patterns.
    I’m writing with a translator and sorry for any inaccuracies. Růžena

    Liked by 1 person

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