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Porcelain doll for sale

So it’s time to part with one of my miniature dolls. I do not like to say goodbye to them, and I do it very rarely. Sometimes I sell babies 5 cm ( 2 inches) tall when I have a small amount of them. il_570xN.1152724734_eu1d
And for sale, I put the doll fully dressed, as they say, with a dowry.

A few months ago I caught the eye of a whole family of vintage dolls from different authors. I’ve been following them for days and thinking about them. Almost all of them were made of plastic, such I especially love. And only two of them were made of clay. And that’s one of them I want to offer for sale. I know that many collectors love and collect precisely such vintage porcelain small dolls.4996

I couldn’t find the author of this doll. But I guess it was done a long time ago. The face is very sweet and gentle. Arms and legs are moving. The doll is made very carefully and can decorate any doll collection.49856287

I made her a full set of clothes. White knitted dress with dark blue ornament. Pants and jacket with a hood are also decorated with the same dark blue ornament. The white cap will fit both the dress and the blue set.6248623762416298

For a little doll, I made a small crocheted basket that can serve as a cradle. At the bottom of the cradle, I sewed a white openwork sheet. I crocheted her up with a mercerized cotton.6263

Included with the cradle has two tiny pillows and a miniature blanket. The whole set of clothes and accessories for the crib are made in the same style and are connected with spokes and a hook of quality yarn.6264

Very soon I will put in my store this doll set. I hope that someone will like it. And the doll will go to her new home.6245



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