About me

   Hello, I am Olga. I am from Russia.

I was born in Severomorsk, where he served in the Navy, my father. Later he moved to Saint Petersburg, where I live now. Petersburg for me, the most favorite city, the eternal source of inspiration and admiration of cultural.image я красивая

“I from early childhood, as far as I can remember, and the stories of my mother, engaged in various kinds of needlework. Basically, it is, of course, was knitting. Thanks to my grandmother who showed me the basics and taught to hold knitting needles and a crochet hook. So it seems to me now that I knit all my life.”

How it all began
Starting in 2014, knitting from a hobby to a job and acquired the name of “Creativhook”.cropped-lable1.jpg
I well remember that important day when I realized that the doll wardrobe is what I would like to do is always: “Returning from work, I saw an elderly woman, who sold on a small tray, like a doll. Maybe I was a bit sorry for the woman, but maybe my opinion was interested in the babydoll face. It was so nice that I just unbearably wanted to take her home! She stood on the tray and patiently waited when I will pay attention  frankly, for many of my friends such a sharp reversal in this topic came as a surprise. Because I used to make jewelry, but interest in it is beginning to fade. And here, as inspiration! – I finally realized that the little outfits for the dolls – that’s exactly what I wanted to do!”

Now, when my hobby for almost 2 years, my work is all the more interesting to fans and collectors of dolls. Who wouldn’t want to dress your baby in clothes? By the way, to some extent, and I became a collector, that doll’s wardrobes were not bound “by eye”, and had pinpoint accuracy. Of course, to buy all the dolls impossible, but the most interesting is already settled in my collection. They are my treasure and source of inspiration. And with them, I will introduce you to my blog.0071