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My video project!

Hello! This post is quite short, but with video! Now is the time that you have to learn different resources and websites. I get the lesson inspiring and I just love to learn new things. Today I tried to make my first video, probably a slideshow. In it, I put a small part of my favorite dolls.

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Heidi Ott dolls family

Doll collections are not always made quickly. They are replenished slowly, and often consciously. The beginning of this collection was launched a few months ago when I bought a Toddler doll. When I got used to it and loved it, I thought I’d be able to create clothes for the little doll from the collection of dolls for the Dollhouse. So I got the baby from Heidi Ott.

Heidi Ott dols family


As I wrote, these dolls strike a very delicate and attention to detail of the body and especially the face. It seems that the faces as living and never cease to wonder at this amazing drawing of faces.

ho baby
Heidi Ott baby doll
ho toddler
Heidi Ott Toddler doll


So the other day my house finally came with the following doll from a large collection of dolls Heidi. This is the Doll Lady. Her height is 5.5 inches. She^s body is not a puppet in the usual our understanding of the meaning. It’s really the female body in a very reduced size. Quite harmonious and proportionate. Now my small family to gather.

ho lady
Heidi Ott lady doll


So I was finally able to implement my old idea to make a small collection of knitted dresses in one style and in one color. For the first collection, I chose the color pink. He is the best to dolls. Gives soft and mood puppet happiness.heidi ott dolls

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Wisdom symbol Owl

Owl brooch Owl lovers gift brooch Wisdom symbol Owl decoration Owl unique jewelry Owlet brooch OWL Original owl jewelry Little owl brooch

Original hand made Brooch in form of owl. This handmade brooch is really Original jewelry. Owl decoration. Made in a single copy. We used different materials. Elements of jewelry, zipper and japan seed beads. Size of Owl brooch is 2 inch


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2018 – Hey Dog!

According to the Eastern calendar, the year 2018 will be the year of the earth Dog. The dog is by nature honest and friendly beast, but acting according to their own principles. That animal always comes to the aid of kind and gentle host and always ready to bite the enemy.9374540-tjtke

2018 – how to celebrate For those who pay attention to horoscopes, is of great significance, how to celebrate the year 2018. Preference should be given to modest classic costume in color scheme close to the symbolism of this cycle. Perfect:
shades of yellow and brown: Orange, Grenadine Red, Pale pink, Neutral Gray, Navy Peony, Golden Lime, Marina ….. see this picture.modnye-cveta-osen-zima-2017-2018-goda-ot-panton-2-1

In the year of Yellow earth, Dog should be avoided too revealing, short and open dresses that expose the shoulders and back. Need to dress modestly and with restraint, but the outfit should be of good quality.

If you believe the Chinese (Eastern) calendar, 2018 (earth Dog) the year is more than fair for the person because his totem will be a Dog. The year of what animal may be friendlier to us? It is the dog began many centuries ago best our helper in the hunt, in the protection of our homes and in many other aspects of life.

I’ve already started to prepare a new collection of holiday dresses for baby dolls. Each dress is made in a single copy because a lot of options and I want to make all of them. The beginning of this holiday collections are supposed to, and let’s see what I got.

My adorable 2 inches doll.


Gray outfit to 2,75 inches doll.



kelly doll dress

kelly doll dog dress
White wool dress to Kelly doll.

Thanks to all that looked into my blog!



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Work and plans.

As long as I was not))) But this time I spent at work. At first, I was setting up my new workspace. Laid out on the shelves and boxes of my treasures. How I accumulated a lot of yarn and other Spotswood materials. And all it had to organize and distribute according to importance and usefulness. Now my Desk is located right by the window and all I need is “at hand”.IMG_3323IMG_3325IMG_3327

At the same time, I got new yarn for new dresses. Some I have tried and was pleased with her. I’ll write more about it later in a separate post. And here is the work of the new yarn.The yarn is thin and very soft. Knit from it a pleasure. Here are some works from this yarn.il_570xN.1285941726_5oykLati white SP outfitil_570xN.1303769042_2c9b

Usually all the build plans in the beginning of the month, I’m now trying to organize my operation. How I want to have another three pairs of hands and a little more time in the day)     Let’s start in order. Last week I went back to working with leather. I thought my dolls needed leather accessories. That’s why I started a small collection of leather skirts.IMG_37283736lilac sweater lati sp

When I was going through my treasures, I came across a workpiece for new brooches. And something me right in the back pushed…Have to finish it!!!!IMG_3775IMG_3778

I now very rarely make jewelry, and I noticed what must happen something very important that I returned to making jewelry. This signal to me was the opinion of one of my clients who bought one of my “Eye-brooch”. Gift liked very much. I really love these brooches, each brooch is eye turns not similar to the previous one. This time I made three brooches in the form of the eye. I hope they will be a wonderful gift for the modern woman, striving for individuality.evil eye

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In addition to the brooches in the form of eyes, I make brooches Owls. A symbol of wisdom and longevity. The owl as a totem and as an amulet. About it I already wrote in one of my previous posts. The new Owl was unusual)

Owl brooch!

And some plans for the month.
To organize all of my miniature dolls. To write a comparative description of each of them.And of course to work on a new Christmas collection…

Thank you all for your visits to my blog. I am very glad that you don’t pass it by.

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Where to find for your doll a “dream dress”?

You love dolls and collect them. You have a collection of miniature vintage dolls and modern BJD. You admire the beautiful dolls in the doll outfits. Every day you change their images, coming up with a new one.  And is there in the doll wardrobe knitting or crochet dresses? And what if all the old dresses tired?0071
Then you should definitely attend the workshop Creativhook. Why did you ask?
Because that’s where you’ll find a handmade doll dresses any style and any color.

first photo
My lovely Lati white Haru in orange!
lati white sp
Lati white SP in nice blue modern dress
American girl mini doll in new fashion dress


But if for some reason you haven’t found “a doll’s dress of dreams”, don’t worry!
I will be able to realize any of your ideas or propose a new idea of puppet outfit. Connected manually the dress will perfectly fit the body shape of your doll, the decor will only highlight its tenderness and beauty. Every set of dolls clothing or simply dress will be attached a small wooden hanger and a little surprise from my workshop.

Brand style Creativhook is the completeness of the doll clothes. Each set of clothing for your doll will be perfectly matched in color and style. And the next new thing will not break this harmony.
Doll outfit made by my hands is unique. I use to create doll clothes only high-quality yarn and don’t like doing exact duplicates of my work. yarnsSo you can be sure of the individuality of doll clothes and of course its quality. Talking about this reviews grateful my clients.image39

Welcome to Creativhook for new dresses for the dolls!

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Welcome to Russian Banya!

Hello, my dear readers. With light steam to You! Sure that my greeting surprised you)
But that’s what they say welcome the man who just came out of the Banya! ( Bath)original (1)

Russian Banya – those words that sound when referring to the Russian tradition. Surely you have heard this word when referring to Russia. I will tell you about one of our traditions.

Our Russian bath is a national phenomenon and our historical tradition. It is both a construction for performing hygiene procedures and therapeutic in most diseases.zdorovie

Bath in the life of the Russian people at the time served several functions. It was washed and warmed himself. Taking treatments, people became more healthy. In addition, Banya in human life is played and social role. To her, visiting her friends, was like a purification ritual combines not only the body but the soul. A source of heat served flat stones that were stacked on the hearth in the form of a dome. The stones glowed, and they were used for heating water and for heating the room.c6e47c9927ce3dfac0e0ae21d2a77556

To maintain temperature, hot stones doused with water and herbal infusions, which created the so-called “light steam”. Its benefit lies in the fact that the man was slowly heated, and then, after rushing up the ferry climbed to the top shelf. Inhalation of “light steam” with herbs created the effect of inhalation and massage with a broom, broke up the blood and brought sickness. After such a hearty massage with a broom, it is necessary to plunge into the cold water. From a medical point of view, it is very useful for the body.Веник-на-спинеbanya-v-gorah-1024x683banya

The construction of the sauna begins with a careful selection. A classic Russian Banya is a small hut on the edge of a lake or river, made of logs of pine trees.

After a hot Banya, directly into the cool water.
original (2)
In the winter after the bath jump in the snow.


It consists of two rooms: the changing room and the steam room, which concurrently was washing compartment. In the dressing room set shop and a clothes hanger, as the waiting room plays the role of locker rooms and rest rooms.ac15f86d37c941998732a72c66f4539binterjer_bani

The dressing room is separated from the steam room by a wooden partition with a tightly fitted door. About the furnace, usually a small window that is not only a source of light,  but the vent. The third part of the classic sauna Russian Banya is a wood-burning stove, near which are placed a tub of water. In the steam room mandatory shelf, which in fact is the process of taking bath procedures.4bed19bb

Typically, the process of evaporation takes 4-5 hours. You might ask why so long?
My husband every Thursday goes to the bath. I repeat, it is a TRADITION. Let’s call it a Men’s Club. They are steamed, massaged each other with brooms made of birch branches, and then communicate to their male subjects. And as you know, this all can’t happen fast)))IMG_3449

Do you remember this photo from my previous post? As in the bath very high temperature, it is necessary to protect the head. It is for this purpose that such caps. They are made from felt and have a different shape. For every taste and style. That’s the Budyonovka ‘ helmet of the early 20th century. This form of bath hats the most popular among our experienced men’s bath attendants.

The best gift for a lover of baths.

After taking bath procedures, traditional kvas or tea.kvas Cannot eat much and of course, you cannot drink strong beverages.
After this procedure, you are sure to feel born again.


Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!

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Saturday, “O-Key”, Supermarket!

I know, but I do not like to cook. I have signature recipes that work very well, but I always feel bad for wasting precious time on cooking. This duty took my husband Valera.He does it perfectly. And most importantly, he does it with pleasure. Therefore, it is the most delicious and fresh, and Useful. Now, as never before, he’s worried about the quality of products and the usefulness of the prepared dishes. I, as an outside observer and taster, taste all of his creations. That is why +10 pounds inevitably added( In the supermarket to walk with him this “punishment”. He carefully checks all descriptions of product composition, shelf life, and other information. I at this time hanging around a huge supermarket by choosing something interesting ( to me) and take photos

I actually wanted to write about ordinary Saturday, but it turned out a large-scale photo-report by on the supermarket).
From early morning it was raining, so we got out of the house with a slight delay. First, quickly ran to the mail to send the orders to my clients. And at the same time, get a new batch of yarn. To test it we will a little later. IMG_3423Then remembering that on Saturdays comes a barrel of milk, went to buy fresh milk and cheese. Milk is very delicious!!

Valera announced in the morning that’s on the menu tonight we will have fish. So we went to the supermarket. It’s great that this campaign coincided with the theme of my story for you my dear readers.
Near our house, there are several supermarkets, and today we went to one of them “OK”!IMG_3436
Valera went to choose fish for lunch, and I went to prepare the photos for the story. This supermarket is large and it presents all the product groups.
First, my path was a section of cloth goods for the holiday and since he is not soon, I did not stay there. IMG_3440Next, I looked in the Department of flowers and flower pots suddenly there will be a new pot for houseplants.


On the contrary, the division about the Bath!!!
Valera went to choose fish for lunch, and I went to prepare the photos for the story. This supermarket is large and it presents all the product groups.
First, my path was a section of cloth goods for the holiday and since he is not soon, I did not stay there. Next, I looked in the Department of flowers and flower pots suddenly there will be a new pot for houseplants.


On the contrary, the division about the bath!!!


About Russian bath will then in a separate post, but for now here are just the Essentials that one must have when you go to Russian bath. As I watched the pots and products for bath, Valera chose the fish.

Rainbow trout

Today lunch will be rainbow trout steamed. In the Fish Department, I am a little late. Naturally, I looked in the window with caviar and aquarium with live fish and crayfish.


Live crabs
Russian caviar!


Red caviar

At the same time, we have replenished the stock of shrimp for lunch on Thursday.IMG_3476 In the Soviet Union earlier there was a tradition to eat fish on Thursdays. By the way was not a bad tradition. It is balanced and useful. We eat fish often.


My path runs between the shelves and display cases supermarket. Meat Department as always full of fresh meat.
Near the meat Department with ready-made meals, salads, and hot dishes.

Fast meat food makes as at home.

That’s the way the Vinegret!. This is a very tasty salad. Cooked vegetables, the basis of this salad Beets, pickles, peas green from the jar and sunflower oil! I can eat it very much!


But our national traditional dish.PELMENY. Meat wrapped in dough. Once the family was gathered in full strength, and fashioned dumplings in a large quantity and store them in the freezer.


Here is a jam from my favorite berries are strawberries and raspberries. For those who do not want to make jam at home. Before cooking preserves was adopted in each family, and the cellars, balconies and a pantry Laden with jars of jam.


This showcase I walk side because sometimes the sausage in our house is forbidden.
And that’s what I love. The cheese we have always a large assortment.
While I wandered and took photos, Valerie got to the vegetable Department. Every morning he makes fresh juice and I found it about carrots. It is the Foundation of juices. Fresh juice is added beets and apples.
Here the product we love especially, although it also restricted the number. It is sunflower seeds, washed and fried. Very tasty!
We gradually got to the last sections. Bread. The most popular bread in Russia, it is rye bread. It is dark in color and has a lot of different varieties. Compared to wheat, it is much more useful. In, he dough you can add raisins, cumin, nuts, and any spices.




Since the milk we have already bought, Milk Department I passed. Although for a moment looked all the same) for my favorite yogurt.IMG_3504

And that’s draft beer. But we buy it rarely, only when playing our Zenit St. Petersburg ( football team) Joke!IMG_3505

Let’s take a look in the wine section. We do not drink strong drink and preferred table wine and dry. Under the fish is perfect dry white wine 10-12 degree. For example, this. It has Muscat flavor and is made in Chile. This brand is also available in red and pink wines.


Red line of Frontera vines


The supermarket is sold and here is the wine from California. By the way very decent.IMG_3510


After the supermarket, we went to get water from the source.IMG_3526
Back home everyone got down to business. Valera went to the kitchen and I open the package with the yarn!

So that’s my story! Thank you for stopping for a minute and read my story!

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The story about “dacha”. (summer cottage)

“The holiday season is coming to an end…” For all Russians, this phrase is not an empty phrase and not a line from the novel of the century. This Sunday the end of August, I want to tell you about a phenomenon that we can confidently call truly Russian.Perhaps different countries have something similar, and I would like to know about it. But let’s start the story.maxresdefault-190

According to one version, Khrushchev (President of the USSR in the 50-60 years) has been on a visit to Germany, where he saw elderly Germans sitting on a lounger in the shade of his house and read the newspaper. And, supposedly, he decided to bring something similar to the USSR.    According to another version, and I agree with her, in the post-war food shortages decided to allocate people land, even he himself at least partially to feed. With the amount of land, of course, did not work out very well, “regretted” the earth And “cut” only 6 acres.1470179052_dacha-v-istorii3

These plots of land were transferred to workers and employees in perpetuity after they have worked in the enterprise 5 years from the date of receipt of the site. This was fixed in the workplace because 50-years is also the years of the weakening of control over the movement of people and the beginning of internal migration.

As the idea of transfer of these land plots is carried out for subsidiary farming, the members of the “gardening partnerships” ( as became known later groups of owners of these land plots) were imposed requirement that cultivates their 6 acres. This was strictly followed, and could even take away the land if it was not tilled and was planted a certain number of different vegetables. It seems even that is regulated, it is necessary to ask those who remember)gorozhane-smogut-vyrashchivat-ovoshchi-v-stolichnykh-parkakh

But before that the house had yet to prepare a seedling)))


Many areas were planted with fruit trees. But the logic of the state and here was relentless. If the public store sells a working-class family of apples, the store will pay taxes (profit, VAT). But if the working family would have their apples, then the country will lose tax revenue. And came up with “fruit tax.” The plots went a special person (financial inspector), who counted the trees to be placed tax. About it, I was told in the villages by Voronej region. Some villagers were cut down in consequence of their trees.

On such sites in the beginning only grew vegetables. Then only, many people began to build small houses for storage of inventory.This was due to strong limitations in the size of the facilities being built.

My mother’s little house


Limitations in the construction of buildings, the possibility of seizure of land for its cultivation, the shortage of building materials led to the fact that the building on the site became difficult and unprofitable. Therefore built that is easier to store garden tools, but to shelter from the rain. As a result, there is now such houses. And of course, that such buildings)Äà÷íûé òðàäèöèîííûé òóàëåò òèïà ñîðòèð ñ çàêðûòîé äâåðüþ Which by the way at first, too, were forbidden to build.

But all these difficulties were experienced and the people rejoiced to have produce grown with your own hands. The numbers of glass jars of canned food in each house were very large. e989e0a3beb29d16544852a4ac9def80
But it must be mentioned that the land was “cut” in distance from cities, therefore, had to spend time on the way there and back.
There were plenty of cars at the time, so the main means of transport was the “elektrichka” ( electric train), which in the summer was taken to fight. Defend hour with the bags in the train, and then another, to screw with them a couple of miles was in order

200668w600zc0Caraffordsd can not many. The accomplishment was the VAZ-2101 or ZAZ on which to bring the harvest.9f96f2u-960
And the lack of cars, all things had to wear!
Now, all restrictions are removed and the plot size is limited only by the financial capabilities of the family. Houses on plots became residential and the majority of the population spends the summer there. And only a few still grow vegetables and berries, preferring not to “get their hands dirty” on the ground.

Another interesting detail, during repairs in the apartments, citizens do not dispose of old stuff. Almost all of them then went to the garden and gained its second birth. this was especially true of the baths.618bc94f682ad6c19e0e7c6b07190260

In our family, too, was such a suburban area with a big house and “banya”. But after the death of my dad, my mother was difficult to engage and ride away.She is now engaged in farming in a small area, which gave her the use of the parents of the husband of my sister. Sometimes we go and help my mom dig the ground for beds.IMG_2377IMG_2378

But to go to a suburban area and unwind, cook barbecue and eat them in a friendly company, it’s surprisingly good!e2623839_shutterstock_170464922-xxxlarge_2x

Thanks for stopping by in my blog! I appreciate your comments!

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Black kitty & White Cat

A very small post about the cats) I don’t have cats, now I can’t afford to have it for different reasons. But I like cats, I like their independence and watch them very interesting. Imagine what a serious event, on stage someone reads the report on an important topic. The audience carefully closets Rapporteur…..and here on stage, behind the scenes it turns out the cat……. She slowly walks down the stage, encircling the audience and the Rapporteur’s attention. Then stop, for example, scratch behind the ear.открытие сезона_40м
Do you think that will be focused on all the attention to the speaker or not? Well, of course, all the audience’s attention is now focused on the cat! And it will continue to until she decides to go on his cat)
I’m not going to write about the symbolism of cats and their magical nature. But they will always be interested in us, and we tolerate their antics and intractable temper because we love them!il_570xN.978377298_oz8x
I too, can say, made my contribution to the adoration of cats) Here are two of my hits on this topic)

Model – Hujoo Baby and American girl mini
Yarn – Cottonag doll dress
White cat and Black cat! As in the famous film of Emir Kusturica.0_1d908_b12a4576_XL
Model – Hujoo Baby and American girl mini
Yarn – Cotton