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Saturday, “O-Key”, Supermarket!

I know, but I do not like to cook. I have signature recipes that work very well, but I always feel bad for wasting precious time on cooking. This duty took my husband Valera.He does it perfectly. And most importantly, he does it with pleasure. Therefore, it is the most delicious and fresh, and Useful. Now, as never before, he’s worried about the quality of products and the usefulness of the prepared dishes. I, as an outside observer and taster, taste all of his creations. That is why +10 pounds inevitably added( In the supermarket to walk with him this “punishment”. He carefully checks all descriptions of product composition, shelf life, and other information. I at this time hanging around a huge supermarket by choosing something interesting ( to me) and take photos

I actually wanted to write about ordinary Saturday, but it turned out a large-scale photo-report by on the supermarket).
From early morning it was raining, so we got out of the house with a slight delay. First, quickly ran to the mail to send the orders to my clients. And at the same time, get a new batch of yarn. To test it we will a little later. IMG_3423Then remembering that on Saturdays comes a barrel of milk, went to buy fresh milk and cheese. Milk is very delicious!!

Valera announced in the morning that’s on the menu tonight we will have fish. So we went to the supermarket. It’s great that this campaign coincided with the theme of my story for you my dear readers.
Near our house, there are several supermarkets, and today we went to one of them “OK”!IMG_3436
Valera went to choose fish for lunch, and I went to prepare the photos for the story. This supermarket is large and it presents all the product groups.
First, my path was a section of cloth goods for the holiday and since he is not soon, I did not stay there. IMG_3440Next, I looked in the Department of flowers and flower pots suddenly there will be a new pot for houseplants.


On the contrary, the division about the Bath!!!
Valera went to choose fish for lunch, and I went to prepare the photos for the story. This supermarket is large and it presents all the product groups.
First, my path was a section of cloth goods for the holiday and since he is not soon, I did not stay there. Next, I looked in the Department of flowers and flower pots suddenly there will be a new pot for houseplants.


On the contrary, the division about the bath!!!


About Russian bath will then in a separate post, but for now here are just the Essentials that one must have when you go to Russian bath. As I watched the pots and products for bath, Valera chose the fish.

Rainbow trout

Today lunch will be rainbow trout steamed. In the Fish Department, I am a little late. Naturally, I looked in the window with caviar and aquarium with live fish and crayfish.


Live crabs
Russian caviar!


Red caviar

At the same time, we have replenished the stock of shrimp for lunch on Thursday.IMG_3476 In the Soviet Union earlier there was a tradition to eat fish on Thursdays. By the way was not a bad tradition. It is balanced and useful. We eat fish often.


My path runs between the shelves and display cases supermarket. Meat Department as always full of fresh meat.
Near the meat Department with ready-made meals, salads, and hot dishes.

Fast meat food makes as at home.

That’s the way the Vinegret!. This is a very tasty salad. Cooked vegetables, the basis of this salad Beets, pickles, peas green from the jar and sunflower oil! I can eat it very much!


But our national traditional dish.PELMENY. Meat wrapped in dough. Once the family was gathered in full strength, and fashioned dumplings in a large quantity and store them in the freezer.


Here is a jam from my favorite berries are strawberries and raspberries. For those who do not want to make jam at home. Before cooking preserves was adopted in each family, and the cellars, balconies and a pantry Laden with jars of jam.


This showcase I walk side because sometimes the sausage in our house is forbidden.
And that’s what I love. The cheese we have always a large assortment.
While I wandered and took photos, Valerie got to the vegetable Department. Every morning he makes fresh juice and I found it about carrots. It is the Foundation of juices. Fresh juice is added beets and apples.
Here the product we love especially, although it also restricted the number. It is sunflower seeds, washed and fried. Very tasty!
We gradually got to the last sections. Bread. The most popular bread in Russia, it is rye bread. It is dark in color and has a lot of different varieties. Compared to wheat, it is much more useful. In, he dough you can add raisins, cumin, nuts, and any spices.




Since the milk we have already bought, Milk Department I passed. Although for a moment looked all the same) for my favorite yogurt.IMG_3504

And that’s draft beer. But we buy it rarely, only when playing our Zenit St. Petersburg ( football team) Joke!IMG_3505

Let’s take a look in the wine section. We do not drink strong drink and preferred table wine and dry. Under the fish is perfect dry white wine 10-12 degree. For example, this. It has Muscat flavor and is made in Chile. This brand is also available in red and pink wines.


Red line of Frontera vines


The supermarket is sold and here is the wine from California. By the way very decent.IMG_3510


After the supermarket, we went to get water from the source.IMG_3526
Back home everyone got down to business. Valera went to the kitchen and I open the package with the yarn!

So that’s my story! Thank you for stopping for a minute and read my story!

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The story about “dacha”. (summer cottage)

“The holiday season is coming to an end…” For all Russians, this phrase is not an empty phrase and not a line from the novel of the century. This Sunday the end of August, I want to tell you about a phenomenon that we can confidently call truly Russian.Perhaps different countries have something similar, and I would like to know about it. But let’s start the story.maxresdefault-190

According to one version, Khrushchev (President of the USSR in the 50-60 years) has been on a visit to Germany, where he saw elderly Germans sitting on a lounger in the shade of his house and read the newspaper. And, supposedly, he decided to bring something similar to the USSR.    According to another version, and I agree with her, in the post-war food shortages decided to allocate people land, even he himself at least partially to feed. With the amount of land, of course, did not work out very well, “regretted” the earth And “cut” only 6 acres.1470179052_dacha-v-istorii3

These plots of land were transferred to workers and employees in perpetuity after they have worked in the enterprise 5 years from the date of receipt of the site. This was fixed in the workplace because 50-years is also the years of the weakening of control over the movement of people and the beginning of internal migration.

As the idea of transfer of these land plots is carried out for subsidiary farming, the members of the “gardening partnerships” ( as became known later groups of owners of these land plots) were imposed requirement that cultivates their 6 acres. This was strictly followed, and could even take away the land if it was not tilled and was planted a certain number of different vegetables. It seems even that is regulated, it is necessary to ask those who remember)gorozhane-smogut-vyrashchivat-ovoshchi-v-stolichnykh-parkakh

But before that the house had yet to prepare a seedling)))


Many areas were planted with fruit trees. But the logic of the state and here was relentless. If the public store sells a working-class family of apples, the store will pay taxes (profit, VAT). But if the working family would have their apples, then the country will lose tax revenue. And came up with “fruit tax.” The plots went a special person (financial inspector), who counted the trees to be placed tax. About it, I was told in the villages by Voronej region. Some villagers were cut down in consequence of their trees.

On such sites in the beginning only grew vegetables. Then only, many people began to build small houses for storage of inventory.This was due to strong limitations in the size of the facilities being built.

My mother’s little house


Limitations in the construction of buildings, the possibility of seizure of land for its cultivation, the shortage of building materials led to the fact that the building on the site became difficult and unprofitable. Therefore built that is easier to store garden tools, but to shelter from the rain. As a result, there is now such houses. And of course, that such buildings)Äà÷íûé òðàäèöèîííûé òóàëåò òèïà ñîðòèð ñ çàêðûòîé äâåðüþ Which by the way at first, too, were forbidden to build.

But all these difficulties were experienced and the people rejoiced to have produce grown with your own hands. The numbers of glass jars of canned food in each house were very large. e989e0a3beb29d16544852a4ac9def80
But it must be mentioned that the land was “cut” in distance from cities, therefore, had to spend time on the way there and back.
There were plenty of cars at the time, so the main means of transport was the “elektrichka” ( electric train), which in the summer was taken to fight. Defend hour with the bags in the train, and then another, to screw with them a couple of miles was in order

200668w600zc0Caraffordsd can not many. The accomplishment was the VAZ-2101 or ZAZ on which to bring the harvest.9f96f2u-960
And the lack of cars, all things had to wear!
Now, all restrictions are removed and the plot size is limited only by the financial capabilities of the family. Houses on plots became residential and the majority of the population spends the summer there. And only a few still grow vegetables and berries, preferring not to “get their hands dirty” on the ground.

Another interesting detail, during repairs in the apartments, citizens do not dispose of old stuff. Almost all of them then went to the garden and gained its second birth. this was especially true of the baths.618bc94f682ad6c19e0e7c6b07190260

In our family, too, was such a suburban area with a big house and “banya”. But after the death of my dad, my mother was difficult to engage and ride away.She is now engaged in farming in a small area, which gave her the use of the parents of the husband of my sister. Sometimes we go and help my mom dig the ground for beds.IMG_2377IMG_2378

But to go to a suburban area and unwind, cook barbecue and eat them in a friendly company, it’s surprisingly good!e2623839_shutterstock_170464922-xxxlarge_2x

Thanks for stopping by in my blog! I appreciate your comments!

Doll story

Black kitty & White Cat

A very small post about the cats) I don’t have cats, now I can’t afford to have it for different reasons. But I like cats, I like their independence and watch them very interesting. Imagine what a serious event, on stage someone reads the report on an important topic. The audience carefully closets Rapporteur…..and here on stage, behind the scenes it turns out the cat……. She slowly walks down the stage, encircling the audience and the Rapporteur’s attention. Then stop, for example, scratch behind the ear.открытие сезона_40м
Do you think that will be focused on all the attention to the speaker or not? Well, of course, all the audience’s attention is now focused on the cat! And it will continue to until she decides to go on his cat)
I’m not going to write about the symbolism of cats and their magical nature. But they will always be interested in us, and we tolerate their antics and intractable temper because we love them!il_570xN.978377298_oz8x
I too, can say, made my contribution to the adoration of cats) Here are two of my hits on this topic)

Model – Hujoo Baby and American girl mini
Yarn – Cottonag doll dress
White cat and Black cat! As in the famous film of Emir Kusturica.0_1d908_b12a4576_XL
Model – Hujoo Baby and American girl mini
Yarn – Cotton

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Sunday in the Park.

Promised to tell you about the Subway, but then I thought that while on the street good weather, you have to enjoy the warmth and fresh air.IMG_3267

Bridge to Park


About the subway, I’ll tell you later, but for now, let’s take a walk in the Park…Where to go city dweller to relax from the hustle and workflow, and to enjoy the natural beauty and breathe fresh air?
Well, of course in the Theme Park and entertainment!IMG_3264

Near my home is such an amazing Park. It is located on the island called Yelagin. Once a Royal Palace, Yelagin island since the middle of last century passed into the possession of the state and became the Central Park of culture and rest, from that moment it opened its doors to all comers.

It looked like a Palace in the 18th century

cccc Yelagin island is a unique natural and guarded complex. It is the northernmost island in the Neva Delta. In 2012 the territory of Gorky Park of S. M. Kirova (Elagin Island) received the status of                            “Specially Protected Natural Territory”.3212Most parks in St. Petersburg was founded on the territories of the Palace-Park ensembles, founded in the Petrine period, they subsequently received significant development and has acquired a festive look, typical of the style of Russian Baroque.

The decoration of the Palace


Their surroundings have become regular parks, which had a symmetric layout, rectilinear alleys, trimmed trees and shrubs and an abundance of pavilions, fountains, many sculptures have become part of works of landscape art.15011417145530photo_gal_008
As you can imagine the intensive development of large cities, it is difficult to win a place for this Park). That’s why city dwellers are so eager to rest in such parks. Park on Elagin Island is special. On its territory you can not just break, as you know, a change of activity is to rest. yelagin-island-river-boat-jammingFor example, you can play tennis, or ride a boat on the rivers and canals of St. Petersburg to listen to an amazing guided tour about the history of the great city and then returning to the island to eat in one of the Park cafes. photo_gal_026

Kids can take in a small zoo and a show alive, not the typical pictures of Pets. f you like sports, and that the island has many interesting. aaaaaFor example, I like to shoot in the dash)) this time I missed only 5 times out of 20))) Bragging).  Sorry that I forgot to take pictures ((( so I found this “winter” photo.5236

In the heart of  Elagin Island, in a newly renovated building in the Cavalier building, has opened “Creative dacha”.  photo_gal_018All guests of the Park has a relaxed and comfortable environment for immersion in a fascinating process of creativity. “Creative Dacha” offers three areas of educational programs: musical, intellectual and artistic-aesthetic.  photo_gal_009

The most exciting event of steel fancy dress dance. These dance evenings for adults and children organized on Elagin Island in the historical tradition of the nineteenth century. Produced programs for organized groups are also monthly dance night for single visitors. All programs are designed for different age groups, for children, and for adults.eee

And of course the show!!! Showrooms Elaginoostrovsky Palace Museum located in the court of the stable building. The stable building opened to the public in 2010 after restoration. This two-story building has a horseshoe-shaped plan and consists of the main facade with the Propylaea, connecting two symmetrical wings. In them, when he was here on Yelagin Island Imperial summer residence that housed a wing-aide-de-camps and Suite of the Empress. In the rest of the building was stable by the officers, Cossacks, and grooms. In the semicircular part of the building were stored forage, hay, where the carriages and stables for horses. The stable building consisted of residential and farm buildings and was constructed in the form of a beautiful scenery. The building has two courtyards, paved in the tradition of nineteenth-century cobblestones.IMG_3253

We c husband, strolling through the Park, accidentally hit on the magic show puppet. He, sharing my passion for dolls came with me. And did not regret.IMG_3257IMG_3254IMG_3259IMG_3243
As we say in Russia – Tired but happy, we returned home!!!
Until next time my dear readers!

But this picture is my surprise))))IMG_3277





























Doll story

How can fasten Miniature buttons

This is a small post I wrote for my dear clients. Most of my dolls are small dolls with a size of only 2 inches. 1130And I understand that buttoning the buttons on their clothes can cause difficulty, especially if you do not have a magnifying doll
So let me help you and show you how to do just. We’ll need this tweezers. You can get it from a manicure kit.  2495

Dress up the baby. 24962503Gently push the handle into the sleeves and this is what we get.
Now the most important! Take the tweezers and very carefully and gently introducing it into the loop. With tweezers, grab the button and calmly put it in the loop.25042505
And why the photo is a transparent film, and I’ll write a bit later and try to make a video.

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The area where I live.

St. Petersburg is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. For Russians, it is the jewel in the crown of the Russian Empire. The first capital of the Russian state. The city of palaces, promenades and amazing museums. The city our history and our great memory of the war. I am proud of my city and consider me as a patriot.rerer_thumbnail_big_.jpg
But I conceived a series of small posts about the ordinary life of citizens occurring every day and distant from the historical center and the main attractions.

Park 300 years of Sankt-Peterburg
Evening  life

Saint Petersburg is divided into several administrative districts. One of them I want to invite you.  Now I live in the Primorsky district, one of the largest districts in the city, the area of new buildings in the North-West of the city.      The commandant’s airfield he called because Peter the First in the early XVIII century granted lands to the current sleeping area of St. Petersburg the commandant of the fortress. The townspeople called this area “the commandant’s cottage”.7600c9_1d41d47b38dfd24dfdc6bf3178a732d5
In the late nineteenth century “Race society” was equipped with the Racecourse here. In the warm season, races have collected a great many of the surrounding truckers. In 1908 the capital of the Russian Empire was organized by the Imperial All-Russian Aero club, and the local Racecourse was used for testing aircraft. 800x600_SWEkM14iVNFzD201SZ5J
In the early twentieth century, there was a complete wasteland.


Later test flights and air show was moved to the Commandant’s field — a large area of vacant lots and gardens. In September 1910, it hosted the first all-Russian festival of Aeronautics. Drew even Emperor Nicholas II.
The airfield remained operational until the 1960s. During the siege of Leningrad, he took the planes with food and sent from the besieged city barely alive from starvation of Leningrad to the mainland. The streets and avenues of this area have names associated with aviation. The area continues to build, a new home has come to Sochi to spill and almost merged with the village of Lakhta. A wide seaside highway goes along the Northern shore of the Gulf of Finland and goes to the highway “Scandinavia”, leading to the State border with Finland.

How it all began


Subsequently, the whole area of the vacant lots began to be built houses. And as I wrote just above, because of the mass of the building has got a common name “sleeping”. This term was called almost all of the district of St. Petersburg outside the historic center. 31928The sleeping area is a residential area of the city, whose residents are forced to commute to work in downtown and come home mainly to sleep (hence the name).  The development of sleeping areas is usually a template, pre-designed the whole area and the housing stock overwhelmingly consists of typical many-storeyed panel houses. But in the area be sure to have everything you need for the life of the citizen shops, schools, gardens, polyclinics and more. In our area many parks and gardens, small lakes and playgrounds.

Dolgoe lake

A few years ago I lived in the center, and when moving very worried about the future detachment from him. But now, several years later, I have no regrets about our choice. Clean air, green parks and good transport, quiet life. 3192761585690


The historic center just a few Metro stops or bus.2-640x420

The same amount of time we spend on a trip in the suburbs or in the nearest Park. Our house in the basement for a long time and looks standard for all buildings 70-years. But in our yard, there is a lovely Park, Playground, and area for sports. The only problem is the Parking because cars are becoming more. And sometimes you have to spend a lot of time for Parking) But, I think I know the reason of all cities.417679

Sizova 20 k.1 Sankt Peterburg. Arenda kvartir

Next time I will tell you about our Metro. He is recognized as the most convenient and cleanest in the world. Wait for the sequel.

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“Fashion verdict”

On Russian television, there is a project called “Fashion verdict”. A very popular program. The essence of this transmission is that the program invites the woman. Who does not know how to dress or do not know how to combine clothes. One leading it protects and finds many reasons why she does this. Second leading, on the contrary, criticizes a woman and advises how to properly dress. The chief judge is either known to the designer or, as is now well-known fashion historian Alexander Vasiliev. The first part of the program devoted to the hearing of the defendant and the Prosecutor. In the second part, the woman returned to the shop and she chooses three outfits. Invited to the famous person commented on the selection of participants. In the third part of the program, the stylists work with the participant and to your taste decorate it. The audience in the Studio at the end of program vote, or the choice of the heroine of the program or select stylists.
Here and planned to do something similar)
Julia came to me like that. Very nice view for walking or meeting friends. But suppose on the street autumn. And I, as a stylist disguised Julia.950731
But first, some photos of the stylist work on a new image.yarn2358or yarnprocess workIMG_3118

And that is what eventually happened to dress dollIMG_3175

Doll story · Dolls

Pattern for Julia

Now I am asked to write a pattern for knitting dresses. I’m sure is written it. And I’ve already started working on it. I must admit that I find it difficult to do yourself. Definitions and abbreviations for the description of works in Russian and English languages differ from each other. And method of knitting, as I recently learned, is also different. But that does not mean to associate knitting my dress will be difficult. I will try to write easier and make more photos, so you will understand the process of its creation. But let’s focus on some of the complexities of this process.

1 Tools for the job.
I work very thin needles for knitting. Their size of 1 mm. In the American system, they have the number 0000.D9987-3 (1)
2 Yarn.
As you know from my previous posts, I also choose a very thin yarn. For example, yarn Nirvana has such data in 25 g (0,88 oz) of 340 meters (372 yds)
In this work, it is very important patience and attentiveness.

But I tried to make the pattern is not very complicated dresses. It turned out to be quite interesting and exciting for me. The dress I chose that.title 1

I like dresses for dolls, which you can then add different accessories or create a similar dress a second time, slightly change the pattern of knitting. Like this white knitting dress. It is patterned, but a little-added ornament on the front.2194

If you are interested in this dress, you can see it in my store on Etsy.

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Thinking out loud No. 1

Creative ideas fly directly in the air. It is only to lend a hand and to have time to catch the elusive thought, the time to bring it to life.

Not worth it for a very long time “to bear” the thought, wait for it to finally “ripen” in the head in the form of the desired option. It is often such a long wait does not implement the idea. The idea transformed and in the end lose their colors and original appeal.

Many may not agree with me and perhaps this approach is peculiar to me, but I think there is still the same as I do. I’m trying to implement your ideas immediately in hot pursuit. Once in my head, there was even a tiny bit of the idea, I immediately start trying to implement it. And believe me, she immediately begins to grow into the nuances, details and new colors. And it happens that she transformed beyond recognition and it becomes quite a new idea. And you have this happen?

Why am I still writing?!
Imagine that you have several kinds of creativity. How often do you visit the thought- ” why not combine my skills, not whether it will give me a new and not less interesting. Perhaps or even definitely they can complement each other.

And so it happened that little blue dress. The beads on it are not sewn and tied into the fabric.IMG_3056

My doll accidentally fell into the sugar bowl)))) and here in the photo. As always in thought)))IMG_3073

Dolls · Без рубрики

Project for Julia

Continue to test the yarn Nirvana. For a new project, I chose shades of green and light beige color. The dress was conceived as an outfit for Julia to autumn period, with long sleeves and floral patterns. For flowers, I chose a dark shade of dusty rose. For the petals of pale green edging and part of the ornament of the marsh shade. I came up with to complement the dress a small headband with flowers and decorate them the hair of my doll.creativhook AG mini



So. Yarn to create the pattern for the ornament I found on Pinterest.

Pattern of ornament

We start to work. IMG_3011
After I knitted a dress, you should choose the suitable color of buttons. I chose buttons in tonal colors on the ornament.





The dress looks very soft and warm for fall and winter. And ornament for the hair, too, was great.

headband ag mini doll
Flower headband
dress AG
Ornament in the skirt

creativhook dressIn my collection, there are a few dolls of suitable size. I thought perhaps this dress has the size for example, Jia, by Lati Yellow.latiyellow beige dressThen I remembered my fascination with wire. And on light, there is such a basket of flowers.


So, my project is finished.