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2018 – Hey Dog!

According to the Eastern calendar, the year 2018 will be the year of the earth Dog. The dog is by nature honest and friendly beast, but acting according to their own principles. That animal always comes to the aid of kind and gentle host and always ready to bite the enemy.9374540-tjtke

2018 – how to celebrate For those who pay attention to horoscopes, is of great significance, how to celebrate the year 2018. Preference should be given to modest classic costume in color scheme close to the symbolism of this cycle. Perfect:
shades of yellow and brown: Orange, Grenadine Red, Pale pink, Neutral Gray, Navy Peony, Golden Lime, Marina ….. see this picture.modnye-cveta-osen-zima-2017-2018-goda-ot-panton-2-1

In the year of Yellow earth, Dog should be avoided too revealing, short and open dresses that expose the shoulders and back. Need to dress modestly and with restraint, but the outfit should be of good quality.

If you believe the Chinese (Eastern) calendar, 2018 (earth Dog) the year is more than fair for the person because his totem will be a Dog. The year of what animal may be friendlier to us? It is the dog began many centuries ago best our helper in the hunt, in the protection of our homes and in many other aspects of life.

I’ve already started to prepare a new collection of holiday dresses for baby dolls. Each dress is made in a single copy because a lot of options and I want to make all of them. The beginning of this holiday collections are supposed to, and let’s see what I got.

My adorable 2 inches doll.


Gray outfit to 2,75 inches doll.



kelly doll dress

kelly doll dog dress
White wool dress to Kelly doll.

Thanks to all that looked into my blog!



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“Fashion verdict”

On Russian television, there is a project called “Fashion verdict”. A very popular program. The essence of this transmission is that the program invites the woman. Who does not know how to dress or do not know how to combine clothes. One leading it protects and finds many reasons why she does this. Second leading, on the contrary, criticizes a woman and advises how to properly dress. The chief judge is either known to the designer or, as is now well-known fashion historian Alexander Vasiliev. The first part of the program devoted to the hearing of the defendant and the Prosecutor. In the second part, the woman returned to the shop and she chooses three outfits. Invited to the famous person commented on the selection of participants. In the third part of the program, the stylists work with the participant and to your taste decorate it. The audience in the Studio at the end of program vote, or the choice of the heroine of the program or select stylists.
Here and planned to do something similar)
Julia came to me like that. Very nice view for walking or meeting friends. But suppose on the street autumn. And I, as a stylist disguised Julia.950731
But first, some photos of the stylist work on a new image.yarn2358or yarnprocess workIMG_3118

And that is what eventually happened to me.fox dress dollIMG_3175

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Project for Julia

Continue to test the yarn Nirvana. For a new project, I chose shades of green and light beige color. The dress was conceived as an outfit for Julia to autumn period, with long sleeves and floral patterns. For flowers, I chose a dark shade of dusty rose. For the petals of pale green edging and part of the ornament of the marsh shade. I came up with to complement the dress a small headband with flowers and decorate them the hair of my doll.creativhook AG mini



So. Yarn to create the pattern for the ornament I found on Pinterest.

Pattern of ornament

We start to work. IMG_3011
After I knitted a dress, you should choose the suitable color of buttons. I chose buttons in tonal colors on the ornament.





The dress looks very soft and warm for fall and winter. And ornament for the hair, too, was great.

headband ag mini doll
Flower headband
dress AG
Ornament in the skirt

creativhook dressIn my collection, there are a few dolls of suitable size. I thought perhaps this dress has the size for example, Jia, by Lati Yellow.latiyellow beige dressThen I remembered my fascination with wire. And on light, there is such a basket of flowers.


So, my project is finished.



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American girl mini Julia

In my collection of doll house has a new doll. My new doll Julia from the wonderful American girl dolls mini. This mini doll is just as great, only she has a vinyl body , not soft. She’s got an amazing face. It is drawn so beautiful that it seems very alive. Her height is about 16 cm ( 6 inch), painted eyes, hair of excellent quality. I found an amazing wizard doll shoes, and now my Julia can perfectly stand on your desktop. Arms and legs move. In General, perfect.  Heroines of the American Girls – lot of allow you to gather a large collection, but I chose Julia. I thought it was very sweet and a bit like me in my youth.

And I immediately went to work. While the closet is great, I just started to create one, but three dresses I can show you. To create dresses and used needles and very thin needles. As decoration I added one of my favourite silk thread embroidery. So…all the attention is on the screen….agw5agw3agw2beg4

Amazing beige dress
Soft pink dress



My stories

Finds of flea market

In each town, there is a Flea market. For lovers of Antiques and vintage, this is an amazing place. Even if you are not going to buy anything, you can just wander around among the counters and stare at the unusual items from the past. Some will surely remind you your childhood or youth.Vintage suitcases and trunks, spinning wheels and sewing machines, dolls, and bears, lace, and thread. I love such places and in every city, I’ve visited, I’ve tried to find such a place.0_120a89_f0a36230_xl

Vintage treasure


Things from the past


In my beloved Saint-Petersburg also have a flea market. Residents lovingly call it “Udelka”, the name of the train station Specific, nearby. That’s where I went in one day to replenish his small collection of dolls. I could not find what I was looking for, but that’s the beauty of Hiking in such places. If not immediately, then at another time you will definitely find for yourself something useful.

My score this time was modest but no less important to me.
It was like a bobblehead. He is 3,5 inches and on the back stamp indicating that it was made in Germany.
The company to him one, but unfortunately unmarked. Measuring only 2 inches.новый коллаж1

For my doll house and it was convenient to sit this wonderful doll was bought a sun lounger. This is most likely a puppet of the Soviet past. The material and paint are well preserved.
As for my favorite dolls from Latidoll, was found a small carrying case. I often take her to a different one and now a small house for her as.новый коллаж2

I prefer to knit clothes for dolls. But this cute baby boy and the boys need a change of clothing. Therefore, he urgently was associated jumper.
So… all the attention is on the screen…bj5bj1Here is a couple of little baby 2 inch and its big brother is 3.5 inches.0794

Doll story

New miniature collection

Very soon my little puppet shop will be the newest stunning collection of petite dresses for smaller dolls with a size of 2 inches.mini1012
At the core of this collection is the combination of high-quality wool with embroidery silk.ы21
I like the combination of wool and lustrous silk. Floral embroidery seems more voluminous and contrasts its brilliance with a matte finish wool fabric.1008

The very yarn for knitting very fine and silky, which allows you to work with a very fine crochet. I haven’t written that almost all the work to crochet 0.45 mm.
For those who prefer canvas, crochet, fabric knitted using, I can say that it is not worse. Perhaps it is not light and airy, but it keeps the shape and allows you to do the embroidery is quite diverse.
For the embroidery, I used silk thread companies, Gutterman and Madeira. The color palette of these brands is very wide. That allows you to make one flower a few shades.
In this collection, I used micro beads of gold color. He’s like a little the heart of the flowers. Some embroidery reminiscent of a familiar pattern of Zhostovo.

Tray with Zhostovo painting 
Amazing painting

In one of my future posts, I’ll tell you about this amazing Russian beauty.
So…..all the attention is on the screen….bl1vi1v1pd1mi1Thanks for looking at my shop. I will be glad reviews and comments.


Doll story

Hello, I am Lati!

Here is a miracle appeared in my Dollhouse six months ago. I beg to love and favor, this is Haru, the baby of the family Latidoll.20160830_190307

This is a very famous Dolls company produces BJD  of various sizes, organized along the color lines.
It is their distinguishing mark. But the color palette only shows the dimension dolls.
And each of these lines has its nuances. This so-called Special sizes.

White – 9.5 cm
White Special 12 cm
Yellow – 16 cm
Yellow Special – 20 cm

In my dollhouse, there are three dolls in this company. Lati White Haru, Lati White SP Belle, Lati Yellow Jia.
About the other dolls that you can read on the official Site of the company. I will show my dolls. And let’s start with a little photo introduction.




Babes from White line is are fun dolls that can fit in the palm of a little girl. They are made in the style of “CHIBI”.


Sometimes Chibi or Chibi — style anime drawing characters with a small body and big, almost disproportionately him head. Often used in some episodes to emphasize the Comedy of the situation.


Usually,  “Chibi-characters” are very cute (kawaii), say childish voice and are often Moody or nervous character. Other notable features Chibi-style are huge oval eyes of characters occupying a large part of the face, as well as schematically drawn limbs. The fingers are usually not depicted, creating the feeling that the character is wearing mittens, in addition, to simplify exposed and feet that are drawn wedge-shaped elements that serve as an extension of the legs.commish_chibi_by_calvariae-d35qp7t

The Japanese word Chibi means little person or child. Maybe humiliating for the younger or smaller people. Close to the Russian said Shorty, midget, midget.

My baby Haru from Latidoll is a touching baby, baby calves, protruding stomach and chubby knees.

We must pay tribute, the design of the sculpture of the bodies of the dolls from the company Latidoll at a very high level that even baby belly buttons transmitted very naturally.jkzFor the childlike tenderness and poignancy faces, collectors affectionately called dolls “LATISHKI”.%d1%80%d0%bf
In General, collectors characterize Lati White as soft and delicate dolls. But this fragility is deceptive: material (polyurethane), which Lati do my BJD-dolls – very durable, you can even say “shock”. It can withstand some pretty serious loads, though once again drop the doll, of course, not worth it. Material dolls Lati uniform and matte, the seams do not protrude and touch the dolls, Lati slightly velvety.%d0%bd%d0%b5%d0%b7%d0%b0%d0%b1%d1%83%d0%b4%d0%ba%d0%b8

due2Fans of these dolls very much, they love writing about their favorite and make a stunning photo. But almost all of them say that expect their dolls for a very long time. I can’t really talk about it because I bought my dolls on the secondary market. I would not be able to wait a year, yeah, yeah!!!!! It is so much sometimes waiting for their dolls bought them on the official website. ” Latidoll operates through order periods several times a year (roughly March, June, September, and December); at times between these periods, all dolls will appear as out of stock. It is possible to buy a doll outside of order periods, but the head and body must be bought separately, which costs more, and no Certificate of Authenticity is received.” ( official site information)

But what a magical state covers finally one that waited for her doll. She was in awe opening the box, and look at her amazing eyes) %d0%bd%d0%be%d0%b2%d1%8b%d0%b9-%d0%ba%d0%be%d0%bb%d0%bb%d0%b0%d0%b6I just want to show the photo, that’s the way they come to their happy owners. I thank Hina Ichigo for her post about the Lati white.

https://pullipsandjunk.com/2016/10/22/latidoll/And some more information.lkik

 Barbie Kelly clothes maybe fit 


Lati White                 Lati White SP
height: 9.5 cm           height   12 cm
head: 3.66 in              Head      3,66 in
eyes: 8 mm                eyes      8mm
foot: 1.20 cm             foot   1,70 cm
chest: 5.3 cm             chest  6.3cm
waist: 5.7 cm             waist  6,5cm
hips: 6.2 cm               hips 7.3cm

This is the first part. To be continued!

If You like my work and you want to buy them for your dolls, Welcome to my store “Creativhook”.