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Crochet wire tube

As much as I wanted to have a big Studio with large, open shelves that always under another was my “handiwork of untold wealth.”
That everything is always at hand, and not have to search in different boxes and drawers is an essential item or cut of fabric or leather. No, it certainly is very good when in search of the necessary material rummaging in boxes and boxes, stumble on other interesting things and stuff! And creative thought begins to come up with a new one.
In one such search, I came across a box of wire. Remember I wrote about my fascination with knitting wire?

So in this box, I have a wire tube.

necklace tubular form
Crochet wire tube

Once upon a time, they enjoyed great success with my clients. This idea of knitting with wire with bead tubes, I was born quite unexpectedly. I thought very few options of decorations that would fit different women loving the diversity of wearing jewelry. When one element can turn into a complicated decoration or stay simple.

Sun wire crochet tube


For knitting, I used a different wire and a mix of bright Japanese beads. The color of bead mix was chosen for the main color of the wire. And began the process of knitting. The length of the tube is also varied depending on decoration ideas.  And most importantly, such a tube may have a different reason for the creation of unique jewelry. This can be a cord, a silk or from cotton. Can be a chain or rubber cord. For a more solemn occasion, such a tube can decorate a silk scarf or just a piece of beautiful fabric.

Holiday wire black tube

So… all the attention is on the screen.



Tube in the silk ribbon


Wire tube in the plastic mesh

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Doll story

Doll from childhood

What would you like to receive a gift as a memory of your childhood?

A warm evening, when it is possible to remove the hated coat or warm jacket, throw away the hat, mittens, and scarf. And breathing in fresh spring and the warm breeze to run out into the yard. And there, on the dried the pavement, laughing and surprising warm day to draw with my friends the classics and jump to full fatigue. Draw funny pictures on the same pavement and enjoy his carefree childhood.And only the voice of his mother from the window could distract you from these activities.klassiki

Or maybe a doll house?
Remember how you played with the neighbor girl dolls? As I tried to sew them first and such funny dresses, how to make room out of everything that came across under hands. As they carried them to the courtyard and showed their skills.21966693
I remember it now with a warm sadness. For these good memories gave me one of my clients. She wanted to make his mother a gift for the Holiday mother. And chose a little doll in a beautiful dress. I would really like to see how she would react to such a gift, as it will keep in the hands of this girl. Maybe her memories will be similar to mine.999новый коллаж

2 inches doll


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Crocheted balls

We all love to decorate the Christmas tree for the New year.

The traditional decoration is the balls, big and small, glass and plastic. The best are made by hand. They bring warmth and comfort to any decor of your home. A needlewoman who knit already know and use in decorating the balls, tied with crochet or knitting. And though it is a traditional Christmas decoration, but why not use this option for basic decorating.

This is still utilitarian. Suppose you knit, and you, like any knitters, left a lot of yarn. Small balls are handmade in different drawers and boxes. You get this treasure and born memory. From this yarn, I was knitting your favorite sweater, and from this, I have my favorite scarf or beanie. But this yarn has long attracted me with its brilliance, but that did not matter. These little balls will make your balls not only beautiful but will be a nice reminder of your work.aab692446c34eb26cb94563f91e89248

For strapping, we need ordinary Styrofoam balls or other plastic.
The size of these balls is different, from the biggest to the smallest. It is from different dimensions, will help to create a charming and unique composition.c180ecfa5b29705458395e5bc6cbbfa9
They can be suspended by tapes or cords to the ceiling or to lay on the table in a big glass vase. You can also hang them on the dry branches. Or decorate a wreath on the door or wall.4c44fd79aafaf8c25b75f756b431d83d299e8184623b0115c0d660937bdabdc4

How to tie a balloon you can find many on the Internet. Remember only the most important, try to do it gently picking up yarn and hook.

This is only a small part of my balls. You can use all fantasy and imagination for this wonderful class. Some photos I really liked and I chose from the Internet to accompany my post.

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Every woman has in her jewelry collection, of course, there is Brooch, and I’m sure, not alone.
Usually, a brooch is made of metal with the addition of stones or rhinestones.
Usually a brooch is used only as a decoration, however, it often performs the function of the clasp.

Pin with silk tassel

In our day’s jewelry brooches are experiencing a Renaissance. Decorate the dress, jacket or coat stylish jewelry is considered a good tone.
Manufacturer of brooches gives a huge scope for creativity. And after a couple of decades ago, our compatriot’s brooch associated with cheap jewelry, which he stabbed baby beanie. And these brooches from the distant and recent past, now become the most refined decoration to complement your daily look.

red lady
Brooch pendant Lady


Along with luxurious jewelry came into use modest metal and silver brooches with amber, or a variety of semi-precious stones.

Mass production of jewelry contributed to the cheapening and simplification of brooches. But at all times along with decorations produced massively in demand piece, unique brooches, because each artist brings to the creation of your personality and your talent.jjjjj

Never go out of fashion brooches with naturalistic images of insects or animals, birds or fish.

Brooch in from of fish


The actual remains of the brooch, designed in a flower theme. And modern materials make this area create brooch is a flight of fantasy.

Amazing owl brooch


A little advice to fashionistas: ensure that the accessory is not merged with your suit or dress, it is better to choose a brooch in a contrasting fabric to your outfit.

Owl brooch


The most spectacular brooches look in a simple, concise and formal wear and will emphasize good taste of its owner.

“Everything new is well forgotten old” is the phrase that perfectly describes the cycle of fashion, and next return the brooch to the podium. Once our grandmothers adorned their outfits with this accessory, and now the modern fashionista can’t imagine a completed suit without the brooches.
And that I can help her with presenting the assortment of my work. Because I really love the brooches.il_340x270.1142774545_3w46

Actually, the brooch is not a simple accessory, and to decorate them yourself, sometimes you need to be elegant, how much daring and not be afraid to experiment with this decoration.

новый коллаж
Little collection of brooches in form of dress


The brooch is one of the few accessories that can be used with any outfit, a brooch, you can decorate a t-shirt and wedding dress, evening dress and business suit and if correctly to pick up, everywhere it is appropriate.

Now, of course, nobody uses brooch as a transmission of information ( and sorry) as it was in ancient times. But, nevertheless, about the choice consciously try to impress others by your dressing.image

More soft floral a-line flora will tell others about a pleasant and gentle nature, a matter now ska brooch with sharp corners and straight lines will talk about a more rigid and purposeful character, but the vintage brooch will tell others that before them, the romantic lover of fashion. By the way, largely due to the fact that vintage fashion is conquering the catwalks, the brooch is becoming more popular. Yes, and it is difficult to imagine a full women’s outfit without the original women’s jewelry.

By the way, the brooch is one of the few accessories that is Central to the decoration of the outfit. Once Coco Chanel said a woman should wear a minimum of the jewelry-a brooch, a nice watch or bracelet, and one ring, and this will be enough for the ideal. 20719e8a936daa58f0b662b9e9c9435d

To obscure the pin very easily, but it is not worth doing – then it is better to abandon this accessory for true gourmets. Much more interesting on the contrary: all of the decorations to choose only the brooch, which will emphasize necessary details. The brooch on the neck will provide the person on the shoulder will accentuate the neckline, on the sleeve show thin wrist, the hat will highlight the hairstyle.

The brooch is a universal accessory that can liven up a favorite sweater or a simple dress.
It is also important to remember that brooches resonate with a ring or earrings, but not a bracelet or beads!aadd60d092d67aeb37635a5d1771019e
And more often matched to the shape of the nose of shoes and a handbag.
However, in recent years the basic principles of wearing brooches, laid down in the middle ages, are virtually nonexistent – is much more important than your own sense of style.
Moreover, now the choice is huge: fabric and leather, matte and brilliant brooches of very different textures can decorate any outfit.il_570xN.1073144458_92r0

The brooch should be the only decoration present in your outfit, or not wear it at all.
If your clothing is embroidered or sequined – from brooches to refuse.
If the dress is simple, concise and simply – brooch will be the best addition to it will emphasize the style and the individual
Elegant and stylish is considered a classic brooch pinned to the lapel. Choosing a model for a jacket, you need to remember proportions. On the wide mesh large lapel decoration, on a narrow – smaller versions.pi5

When the cold weather we are starting to hide in warm coats and stoles. And here we necessarily will help the brooch is large and bright. Because almost all of the winter clothes are not bright.il_570xN.1119731953_2htt

Depending on the form of the brooch was chosen for the image. And then she becomes a real boon, transforming the ensemble into perfection.

The brooch adds a casual feel romance and tenderness, telling of the fragility and sophistication of its owner. And possibly about her work or Hobbies.1f2ff4b66a3edd2313adac11852a2218

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Paisley, attracts and surprises.

It seems that the famous “Indian cucumber” as the pattern is now experiencing a new round of popularity — based on it really is very a well-known brand has managed to produce completely different forms of clothing.The history of the origin of the pattern.1039633_uzor-cvetnoii


Paisley, Indian cucumber, or, if not accurately, booth — the pattern is very ancient. Probably the first time he appeared in the Sassanid Empire, an ancient state, from 224 to 651 ad, located on the territory of modern Iraq and Iran. Thanks to trade relations fabric with this pattern spread throughout Central Asia and even in India and Africa. In Europe, the same “cucumber” came from India in the XVII century due to the British colonists. The demand for exotic Indian cloth was so high that enterprising Europeans began to weave fabric with “cucumber” themselves. A small Scottish town Paisley, in General, is fully devoted all resources to the production of cloth in the Indian style and thus remained for centuries — but as the name of the pattern.In fact, what really is Paisley, no consensus. According to one version, this floral motif, combined with the silhouette of a cypress tree, a symbol of life in Zoroastrianism. Another version of the origin of stylized flames also symbolizes life. Perhaps the origin of cashew nuts, which were a symbol of fertility. In India, it is widely believed that “cucumbers” represent the seeds of the mango tree. In any case, what the theory did not take — it is about life and fertility.il_fullxfull-26154903

The first popular product with the Paisley pattern in Europe was cashmere shawls from the Indian region of Kashmir. They were extremely expensive, and afford only wealthy aristocrats. In the early nineteenth century, Scottish masters learned to weave “cucumbers” on jacquard looms and shawls with Paisley became more a mass product. However, they were not cashmere, but lambswool or silk and flowers were much less than the authentic Indian product.A little later start to Paisley print on cotton, and the pattern ceases to be a luxury, and by the 1870s, the “cucumbers” not exactly out of fashion, but rather move to the area every day.Paisley

.Now Paisley is experiencing a new heyday.
Given the Paisley on the carpet during the fashion shows this year, we can assume that the summer will see a new wave of enthusiasm “cucumber”. In the end, not everyone can wear camo.96bb0a48cd26a3f9c46c18e78d965722

I’ve always loved this picture. And even a lot has been associated with such a marvelous motif. But here came the hands and the jewelry. A small collection of jewelry in the form of “Indian pickle” Starts with two very coloristic pendants. The great thing that this picture is just perfect for me. I don’t really like the monochrome in decoration, I prefer her in clothes. So all my jewelry is so bright. So..62658_60063145_600


This ornament gives a huge field for imagination and new ideas and new options.I try to do them more or less classic to go with a simple dress or jumper



Some more photos of my favorite decorations in the Eastern style.bluedamavar%d1%81%d0%ba%d1%89%d1%81

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The story of the cross

Today my story will be about cross stitch. It’s a beautiful form of needlework that women like. “Ill” embroidery very easy. Ideas for paintings and miniatures are in the air and asks for the canvas. So I was fascinated by it. At first,  it was embroidery on finished schemes. I’m not going to write about the history of embroidery, if you wish, You can find a lot of interesting information about this kind of needlework. I’ll show you my work and a little comment on them.
I found it interesting to create thumbnails with the little girl and letters. And, as always, each picture was accompanied by its story.

It’s the letter O. it begins my name, Olga. I love needlework in all its diversity. I love the blue color, so for the dress, I chose thread in shades of blue.


It’s the letter K. it begins With the most popular song in Russia, “the Katyusha”. This song is about a girl who is waiting for his beloved. Red polka dot dress is very suitable this girl.k


It’s the letter A. It is the first letter of all alphabets. So the girl in the picture in a very beautiful dress.7759%d0%b0


Is the letter N. This girl’s name is Nicole. She lives in Paris and loves the style of 60 years.


It’s the letter S. And this red-haired beauty, Susan. She loves shopping.s


It’s the letter G. And it is ginger. She’s a business lady and loves austerity in clothing.



Is the letter V. that is the name of a little girl who loves to play and to dream.


It’s the letter T. This letter to us is Theresa. She’s a big fan of Audrey Hepburn.8011%d0%b6This is only the beginning of my project. I will continue it, and be sure to finish embroidering all the letters.

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