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New dress and the idea.

Today my story will be all about the single dress, but about an idea! I recently dismantled my huge inventory of yarn and thought….Why not make a small collection of dresses, only United color palette. Each dress will be knitted of one color of yarn and embellished with floral embroidery.  Some of the dresses I showed you.  This time I chose an amazingly beautiful color. This colors name is  Nirvana – Butterscotch by Filatura di Grossa Italia.272cb43926014118a4af839b9da549e6I knitted the dress, the bottom of the dress designed small two-tone ornament, imitating pebbles on the ground and Chose the right thread for embroidery.  The idea of embroidery became this image from the Internet.

Start of work


And that’s what I did. My Julia very beautiful in this new dress.2960

back of dress


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Creativhook secrets

I often get asked what needles and hooks, I knit. And what kind of yarn I use. You will slightly open the small secrets of my work.
When 2 years ago, I started knitting for dolls, I didn’t have suitable needles and hooks for knitting. Rather, they were, but it is very big size)

The First crocheted dress


But as the desire to create clothes for dolls was unbearable, I, of course, tried to crochet from what was at hand.
How funny to see these first. Not because they are poorly made, but because there’s a discrepancy model ( doll) and knitted fabrics. The doll looks like a “Scarecrow” in the garden in a ridiculous hoodie.
So be sure to compare the thickness of the yarn and your model if she’s a doll!
This does not apply to knitting for adults. In this case, it is possible to play any thread and yarn.

And of course, the yarn thickness, in the process, began to purify.  Along with it was completely different rooms of crochet hooks.IMG_3522

And again a small tip. When you conceive of what model and product, try to pick up a crochet hook or knitting needles for each yarn.

In most cases, we make simple models for which you need the right combination of tools and yarn. Unless of course, you planned something special, here your imagination can stretch up to a complete mismatch of both)

“Creativhook” studio


I tried to crochet from different types of yarn, trying to find exactly what will allow you to be my gentle and suitable for the size of my dolls. It was a bobbin thread for sewing and yarn for embroidery and many different types of yarn. By the way, the dolls also began to decrease. Now my favorite is the miniature doll measuring only 2 inches.

2 inches dolls

I must admit that, at first, to knit a very thin hook and knitting wasn’t easy! But believe me, if your desire is very strong, there is nothing you can’t scare or stop along the way.   And that’s where I stopped. To create a fancy wardrobe for my dolls I chose thread for embroidery from Madeira company. This is an absolutely amazing thread, the gamma is so huge that it is possible to realize any idea. These threads sometimes I do a little embroidery on the dresses.MH
In these threads, I sometimes add the necessary color line of yarn Guterman.
For creating custom dresses or suits, I’m using the same yarn Madeira, but of a different quality. It’s a thin wool blend yarn for embroidery.MN


But the special “diamond” in my Studio, this yarn from the Italian manufacturer Grignasco Merino silk. It’s a terrific yarn that combines Merino and silk. It is thin and elastic, the fabric is excellent and smooth, it didn’t work. Whether it’s knitting needles or a crochet hook.N2

Dolls are very small and therefore any error or, for example, a flat loop will be noticeable on such a tiny canvas. Helps me at work lighted magnifier and these my most essential tools.NH

So, at the end of my post, I want to say that —-  If you want to see your work was high quality and accurate, be sure to make a sample. Test different knitting needles or hooks to achieve the desired density knitting. Swipe wet-heat treatment of the finished sample. Write down all the tools and types of yarn that you get. Believe me, the time that you spend on these simple steps will greatly help you in future work.

Thank you very much again, looked in my workshop. I was wondering if you have any questions. The only way I will be able to help you in your work.

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Crochet wire tube

As much as I wanted to have a big Studio with large, open shelves that always under another was my “handiwork of untold wealth.”
That everything is always at hand, and not have to search in different boxes and drawers is an essential item or cut of fabric or leather. No, it certainly is very good when in search of the necessary material rummaging in boxes and boxes, stumble on other interesting things and stuff! And creative thought begins to come up with a new one.
In one such search, I came across a box of wire. Remember I wrote about my fascination with knitting wire?

So in this box, I have a wire tube.

necklace tubular form
Crochet wire tube

Once upon a time, they enjoyed great success with my clients. This idea of knitting with wire with bead tubes, I was born quite unexpectedly. I thought very few options of decorations that would fit different women loving the diversity of wearing jewelry. When one element can turn into a complicated decoration or stay simple.

Sun wire crochet tube


For knitting, I used a different wire and a mix of bright Japanese beads. The color of bead mix was chosen for the main color of the wire. And began the process of knitting. The length of the tube is also varied depending on decoration ideas.  And most importantly, such a tube may have a different reason for the creation of unique jewelry. This can be a cord, a silk or from cotton. Can be a chain or rubber cord. For a more solemn occasion, such a tube can decorate a silk scarf or just a piece of beautiful fabric.

Holiday wire black tube

So… all the attention is on the screen.



Tube in the silk ribbon


Wire tube in the plastic mesh

927948Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. If you like my jewelry, please contact me.


Doll story

New miniature collection

Very soon my little puppet shop will be the newest stunning collection of petite dresses for smaller dolls with a size of 2 inches.mini1012
At the core of this collection is the combination of high-quality wool with embroidery silk.ы21
I like the combination of wool and lustrous silk. Floral embroidery seems more voluminous and contrasts its brilliance with a matte finish wool fabric.1008

The very yarn for knitting very fine and silky, which allows you to work with a very fine crochet. I haven’t written that almost all the work to crochet 0.45 mm.
For those who prefer canvas, crochet, fabric knitted using, I can say that it is not worse. Perhaps it is not light and airy, but it keeps the shape and allows you to do the embroidery is quite diverse.
For the embroidery, I used silk thread companies, Gutterman and Madeira. The color palette of these brands is very wide. That allows you to make one flower a few shades.
In this collection, I used micro beads of gold color. He’s like a little the heart of the flowers. Some embroidery reminiscent of a familiar pattern of Zhostovo.

Tray with Zhostovo painting 
Amazing painting

In one of my future posts, I’ll tell you about this amazing Russian beauty.
So…..all the attention is on the screen….bl1vi1v1pd1mi1Thanks for looking at my shop. I will be glad reviews and comments.


Doll story

Hats for Dolls

No outfit is complete if there are no such things as accessories that complement the image.il_570xN.889160064_7w9b

My lovely style,      
I do a lot of dresses for dolls of different sizes. But only make dresses I’m not interested. I like to create a complete image for dolls. To complete it all, and the dress and hat.


White crocheted set


Red elegant set for 2 inch doll

For the youngest dolls are usually of a hat is not complicated, but have to have a small decorative element in the form of a flower or miniature embroidery.il_570xN.1121851414_3icn

Heidi Ott toddler doll 2,5 inches

For dolls, the size of a little more imagination paints hats with brim and flowers more.
The hat itself sometimes dictates the style of dress, but sometimes Vice versa.

Hujoo baby 5 inch doll

Here are some photos of a different hatsil_570xN.1169300046_kxx5mh1mh2il_570xN.1169300100_f46vil_570xN.1169300074_s0hoil_570xN.1169300138_tv7jil_570xN.1037983758_46izil_570xN.1187505527_fmryil_570xN.962561294_bkdu

My lovely Kelly doll new outfit

Any hat to choose from in my shop.



Doll story

White coat for Lati Yellow

There are some works that I repeat with trepidation. Because they are unusual and, I would say, it is beautiful in its tenderness. One of my favorites, it’s this white coat for lati Yellow.il_570xN.1043473944_fnig

The first time I was knitting it on special order. I was asked to do a white coat with embroidery. And I set to work. The idea of the coat was born very quickly, but visits I’ve been looking for. It was necessary to use a miniature crosses and embroidery stitch. And in the end was born here is a coat.ав

Then each following repetition required new embroidery and the new hat.
The selection process of embroidery is very exciting and not less exciting then the Perrin idea on the finished coat. Requires accuracy and attention. To I usually use embroidery thread Madeira or Gutermann. These brands have a wide range of colors and shades. That is what gives the food for the imagination.

I like to only work when on my desktop in order. The only way I feel ready to work. So nothing to distract me from implementing my ideas.

work table

My doll helping me



I start embroidery with excitement, sometimes a pattern is born instantly, sometimes I look at pictures and like try them on the finished product. But every time I hold my breath and dive into work.wc1

Embroidery is akin to meditation as if you are immersed in this world and nothing can distract from the process. That’s the feeling I like. Even more than the finished result.
Some photos of the process……The basis for coats as the canvas on which the flowers appear. This moment my most favorite.


Start of work



And that’s what I did.0515wc2To any coat hats. I think hat this is a very interesting accessory for dolls.hats1Thanks for stopping by in my blog!

Doll story

Doll from childhood

What would you like to receive a gift as a memory of your childhood?

A warm evening, when it is possible to remove the hated coat or warm jacket, throw away the hat, mittens, and scarf. And breathing in fresh spring and the warm breeze to run out into the yard. And there, on the dried the pavement, laughing and surprising warm day to draw with my friends the classics and jump to full fatigue. Draw funny pictures on the same pavement and enjoy his carefree childhood.And only the voice of his mother from the window could distract you from these activities.klassiki

Or maybe a doll house?
Remember how you played with the neighbor girl dolls? As I tried to sew them first and such funny dresses, how to make room out of everything that came across under hands. As they carried them to the courtyard and showed their skills.21966693
I remember it now with a warm sadness. For these good memories gave me one of my clients. She wanted to make his mother a gift for the Holiday mother. And chose a little doll in a beautiful dress. I would really like to see how she would react to such a gift, as it will keep in the hands of this girl. Maybe her memories will be similar to mine.999новый коллаж

2 inches doll


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Hairstyles inspired by Great Gatsby

You remember the remarkable book of Francis Scott Fitzgerald “the Great Gatsby”? Well, of course, you remember. And no less wonderful adaptation of this book with

Flashback Stills from 'The Great Gatsby' movie of 1974-raag-fm (8)
Mia Farrow
Carey Mulligan

And so for that year, in the Wake of these films does not abate the interest of the public to images in the style of 20-ies. Weddings and corporate parties in the style of “the Great Gatsby” undoubtedly hits in the scenarios of these holidays. To this day fashionista figure out how to dress in the style of Daisy Buchanan or to do makeup and hair, similar to those worn by the women of the “roaring 20’s”i (3)


The Chicago style was born in the distant 30-ies of XX century, otherwise, it is called gangster. Female images of the period are different expressiveness and complexity, the fashion was dressed in a dropped waist, long gloves, furs, jewelry made of pearls, red lipstick, and hats. Special attention was paid to hair Updo style Chicago emphasized neat head fashionistas. And they created a truly magical decoration with feathers and precious stones.svadebnyj-obraz-nevesty-v-stile-20-godov-20-veka_2


Many wonders why the style of 20-ies became so popular among the planners? It is certainly not only the charm of a bygone era but in rather simple costumes typical for that time. In the wardrobe of almost every woman, there is a shift dress, a long string of pearls and shoes “Mary Jane”. Typical make-up and hair will complete the look. The ability conditions use decoration for hairstyles — a serious argument in favor of the enduring popularity of the style “Gatsby”, right?pricheski_v_stile_getsbi_4

One day I came to the client with a request to create the decoration for a wedding in that style. I went through a large number of photos of such jewelry. And work has begun.новый коллаж цук

At that time I was engaged in knitting wire, and therefore for a basis was taken the cloth, crocheted from white wire. For decoration, I used pearl beads and ostrich feathers.ввввв

To my deep regret, I have no photos of the bride.

After the first decoration was born another. Only this time I used a bright purple color.DSC03258imageку1041

And here’s what I got as a result of this work. Do you like it?45454

Later I made several similar ornaments. And used to work silver wire.044eed615531ee2800d474565e55dd23

See, the same decoration will be perfect for any occasion, be it party or wedding.267c711510640a02d687f774f2ef3feb

And a little bit of jewelry for the hair, which can be done for parties in the style of 20-30.a0dbab1ae4f536f142b64641932d07abf9362d83511efe3f18494ca75c74bb9e_MG_1986_MG_2090Thank you for your visit. I hope that you liked my jewelry.

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Leather Cute Trinkets

I intended this blog as a series of small stories about my Hobbies and my passion for different kinds of needlework. The study of each of them, in one way or another, helped me to understand, what interests me the most. Difficult to stop on something one. And wanted to find an area to allow them all to merge into one. And this opportunity has finally found the real embodiment. It’s a doll.

Miniature bag for Lati white


There fully I took all my skills to work with beads and yarn, crochet and knitting, and of course working with leather.
It began accidentally, even though I thought about it for a long time. I watched master classes and read about different techniques working with leather. And decided to start to try to do little things to store Souvenirs or useful things.9ec3e7e2a1a07f39697c80b296d802dd
So, this post will be dedicated to miniature pouches their leather.
Every woman keeps in her purse a lot of little things. Remember how in the childhood we loved to play “secrets” of the “secrets” I came up to a little sewing keepers.45d4198d4ac41deb2886da88cf04335f17d0f9ca5a36e70c7a94d3680b5745b0beb61e090b241f8ab8d91e0af64f71444260a40bc015addeb0ceefbae71b9bcf

Sewing leather was not an easy task, but gradually I began to receive here such nice things.
Thanks to my friend Natalia Eliseeva, I became the owner of a huge number of scraps the finest leather. Sew a simple seam seemed a little boring, and in turn went to beads and beads. It totally changed the mood of the finished products. They were unusual to store your lovely heart trinkets even more enjoyable. What do you think?2913a9f3e314aa49357884e5ccc212d2
The next step was the idea of wearing such custodian for the neck on a beautiful chain and the use of lace for decoration.cb3d189b0315f887f7ccde7e3151be9a49f379c882daa16e5dab2ebeb7725ab76cd16177b1cfe5786b69b0de1327153e
It turned out that such pouches. Imagine that you came to the salon to do a manicure….it is in this pouch you can put rings, while the wizard deals with your hands.9e831d5b6f71b57bc76e9f14f4c56d85

The smallest trimming the skin become rosy. They can decorate bags or worn as pendants.94cc4ed943fee206f76538cc2657d57021c59da2680540900bc517eb393a8b1d

And a couple more things that I found interesting. This covers for the phone and ROM memory. Then I tried to make the application of different skin colors and to sheathe them with small beads.0271c74a6dcc4a9602499e9291713a3c0a8bc00534bab95f338295e461d75b9d

Thanks for stopping by on my blog!


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Paisley, attracts and surprises.

It seems that the famous “Indian cucumber” as the pattern is now experiencing a new round of popularity — based on it really is very a well-known brand has managed to produce completely different forms of clothing.The history of the origin of the pattern.1039633_uzor-cvetnoii


Paisley, Indian cucumber, or, if not accurately, booth — the pattern is very ancient. Probably the first time he appeared in the Sassanid Empire, an ancient state, from 224 to 651 ad, located on the territory of modern Iraq and Iran. Thanks to trade relations fabric with this pattern spread throughout Central Asia and even in India and Africa. In Europe, the same “cucumber” came from India in the XVII century due to the British colonists. The demand for exotic Indian cloth was so high that enterprising Europeans began to weave fabric with “cucumber” themselves. A small Scottish town Paisley, in General, is fully devoted all resources to the production of cloth in the Indian style and thus remained for centuries — but as the name of the pattern.In fact, what really is Paisley, no consensus. According to one version, this floral motif, combined with the silhouette of a cypress tree, a symbol of life in Zoroastrianism. Another version of the origin of stylized flames also symbolizes life. Perhaps the origin of cashew nuts, which were a symbol of fertility. In India, it is widely believed that “cucumbers” represent the seeds of the mango tree. In any case, what the theory did not take — it is about life and fertility.il_fullxfull-26154903

The first popular product with the Paisley pattern in Europe was cashmere shawls from the Indian region of Kashmir. They were extremely expensive, and afford only wealthy aristocrats. In the early nineteenth century, Scottish masters learned to weave “cucumbers” on jacquard looms and shawls with Paisley became more a mass product. However, they were not cashmere, but lambswool or silk and flowers were much less than the authentic Indian product.A little later start to Paisley print on cotton, and the pattern ceases to be a luxury, and by the 1870s, the “cucumbers” not exactly out of fashion, but rather move to the area every day.Paisley

.Now Paisley is experiencing a new heyday.
Given the Paisley on the carpet during the fashion shows this year, we can assume that the summer will see a new wave of enthusiasm “cucumber”. In the end, not everyone can wear camo.96bb0a48cd26a3f9c46c18e78d965722

I’ve always loved this picture. And even a lot has been associated with such a marvelous motif. But here came the hands and the jewelry. A small collection of jewelry in the form of “Indian pickle” Starts with two very coloristic pendants. The great thing that this picture is just perfect for me. I don’t really like the monochrome in decoration, I prefer her in clothes. So all my jewelry is so bright. So..62658_60063145_600


This ornament gives a huge field for imagination and new ideas and new options.I try to do them more or less classic to go with a simple dress or jumper



Some more photos of my favorite decorations in the Eastern style.bluedamavar%d1%81%d0%ba%d1%89%d1%81

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