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Heidi Ott lady new clothes.

When all orders are sent, can take a break and finally write a new post about my favorite doll. The other day I came back from the post office, sent orders, and decided to clean up the workplace. While I was laying out the yarn and the needles and putting the dolls on the shelf, I thought……and which one I like more. Or so, for which of them is it more interesting to me to make clothes?)4230

More often this is the doll for which the next order is made) or the doll that is new or just recently I had.
But in my collection, there is a doll that makes me want to make clothes for real customers. And this doll is a woman from Heidi Ott.

Her is not comparable to the mobility of BJD dolls and my dear baby lati white and I can not yet compare the lady doll from Heidi Ott with other dolls made for doll houses. Nevertheless, its mobility is great. And it is very important to me that any poses that this doll takes are very natural. In the women-doll by Heidi Ott delicately played the Golden mean: they do not have deliberate puppetry, a primitive dolls of other brands, specially produced for doll houses. The Creator managed to avoid and emphasized naturalism. That’s it for this she is my favorite doll.
Creating realistic clothes for this doll requires special attention and patience. This does not mean that other dolls and their outfits, I am not carefully) Just a Lady from Heidi Ott very fragile and any fitting specified great accuracy.

For her, I have created many sets of clothes. Many I sometimes repeat at the request of customers. The new collection is quite small and consists of dresses and several sweaters, which I think are quite nice and interesting.
So….attention to the screen….fashion show begins.5823




After light dresses, we pass to warm sweaters. And though it’s summer, about the autumn wardrobe is time to think.


Little show of my works.


We will complete this collection with a white dress and family photos. It’s a dollhouse, and it has kids. I will write about them in the next story.5976598359995997

Many thanks to all my readers and clients. very soon all new products will be available in my store.

Doll story · Без рубрики

Vintage and modern dolls 2,5-2,75 inches

Hello, everybody. This post I conceived for a long time, I want to write a series of stories about dolls of different brands, but the same size.
Of course, I had to start with the smallest dolls, but I will not strictly follow the size range)il_570xN.1192173420_kvj6
My favorite doll size and most popular among my dear customers is 2.5 -2.75 inches. They have a very small difference in height, allowing you to create clothes about the same.
At the beginning of a small family portrait. Here they are, my lovely kids, seated and ready to tell their stories.
Dolls of this size very much, different materials and different faces. All have in collections impossible. Manufacturers of such dolls even more. And of course fans of this or that puppet campaign a huge set. My dolls are different too, according to the materials from which they are made, by the characters and time of creation. Almost all of these dolls were created for doll houses and children’s games. Nowadays they have become collectibles and they are now played by adults!!
The beauty of my modest collection is in the variety of dolls. From old to modern. How else can we trace the evolution and development of materials. My doll collection is constantly updated. This is due not so much to the desire and readiness for any order, but also because in me the spirit of this collector is born.
So! Let’s meet.4627
I do not pretend and do not intend to tell the stories of all companies, if desired, you will be able to find information about them on the Internet. I will only write the main points and of course the names of these companies.

  1. Miniature doll 2,5 inches by Germany marked ESes1

    Dolls company ES-Emil Schwenk

    The company was founded in 1922.Specialized in miniature toys, currently produces game dolls and doll clothes.

2. Miniature doll 2,5 inches plastic by Petitecollin


The company Petitcollin was first mentioned in 1860. She had factories in Kate Maas; Lilas, Seine; the Louvre in Paris.
Celluloid company Petitcollin was made from acetate called “celluloid”.
In 1904 the eagle (Tete d’aigle), which looked to the side, was registered and registered as a company logo.
In 1907 the company advertises Bebes et popees. In 1930, the company released a celluloid doll called Petit Colin.

3. Miniature doll 2,5 inches by Edi


West German doll and clay factory Mehlem / rein, owner Erich Dittmann
The company issued until 1960 dolls made of hard plastic (closing 1960 and redemption of private assets Erich Dittman).

4. Miniature plastic doll 2,5 inches by Plasticbaby


The “Plasticbaby” brand was manufactured by Preh-Werke in Bad Neustadt / Saale. The company was the first to release plastic dolls after the war.
The company Preh was founded by Jacob Preh in 1919.
Since 1949, injection molding machines have been used for the production of plastic toys.

5. Miniature doll 2,6 inches by Ari.

ari doll 2,5 inchesFirm ARI, abbreviated from August Riedeler GmbH & Co. KG., according to the official version was founded in 1864. In 1872, he moved to Grobreitbach to produce porcelain from his country (this year is listed in the stigma of the old model as the year of Foundation of the company). In the same 1872, the company came and son-Carl Riedeler. The porcelain factory produced small dolls and porcelain doll heads. In 1930 part of the company moved to Konigsee. Production of that time: porcelain dolls in clothes, a new kind of production – celluloid dolls, doll sets and other toys. In 1936 the firm moved to Carl Riedeler, son of the founder of the firm. Regarding the stamps used for dolls ARI early period, it was not the usual triangle, and the heart (with the triangle inside). There was another stamp engraved on the head with a chest plate and a simple “AR 6” stamp. And if we look closely at the stamps on the ceramic navels, then the triangle will see only two letters “AR”.After the Second World Riedeler produced dolls of all sizes up to 90 cm They were all labeled as ARI. In 1972, the company employed approximately 1,200 people, producing 55,000 vinyl dolls daily, which were exported to all corners of the world. In the same 1972, the enterprise was nationalized. Probably during this period, it was called Konigsberg Puppen. Since 1981 already as VEB Puppenfabrik Konigsee it was included along with 19 others in VEB Kombinat Spielwaren Sonneberg.
Nevertheless, the usual Ari logo continued to be used until the production was suspended.

These were vintage dolls, and now I’m going to show you two modern dolls. They are no less popular among collectors and fans of doll houses.

1 Miniature doll 2,75 inches marked Simba

2 Miniature doll by

Very nice little doll. She has movable arms and legs. Charming face. Both children and adults love it.

Thank you very much for taking the time to look at my blog. Lots of clothes for all the dolls presented, you will be able to find in my store.il_570xN.1506246447_mqpz

If you have any ideas or wishes for your dolls, I will be happy to implement them.



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How can fasten Miniature buttons

This is a small post I wrote for my dear clients. Most of my dolls are small dolls with a size of only 2 inches. 1130And I understand that buttoning the buttons on their clothes can cause difficulty, especially if you do not have a magnifying doll
So let me help you and show you how to do just. We’ll need this tweezers. You can get it from a manicure kit.  2495

Dress up the baby. 24962503Gently push the handle into the sleeves and this is what we get.
Now the most important! Take the tweezers and very carefully and gently introducing it into the loop. With tweezers, grab the button and calmly put it in the loop.25042505
And why the photo is a transparent film, and I’ll write a bit later and try to make a video.

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New miniature collection

Very soon my little puppet shop will be the newest stunning collection of petite dresses for smaller dolls with a size of 2 inches.mini1012
At the core of this collection is the combination of high-quality wool with embroidery silk.ы21
I like the combination of wool and lustrous silk. Floral embroidery seems more voluminous and contrasts its brilliance with a matte finish wool fabric.1008

The very yarn for knitting very fine and silky, which allows you to work with a very fine crochet. I haven’t written that almost all the work to crochet 0.45 mm.
For those who prefer canvas, crochet, fabric knitted using, I can say that it is not worse. Perhaps it is not light and airy, but it keeps the shape and allows you to do the embroidery is quite diverse.
For the embroidery, I used silk thread companies, Gutterman and Madeira. The color palette of these brands is very wide. That allows you to make one flower a few shades.
In this collection, I used micro beads of gold color. He’s like a little the heart of the flowers. Some embroidery reminiscent of a familiar pattern of Zhostovo.

Tray with Zhostovo painting 
Amazing painting

In one of my future posts, I’ll tell you about this amazing Russian beauty.
So…..all the attention is on the screen….bl1vi1v1pd1mi1Thanks for looking at my shop. I will be glad reviews and comments.


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Hello, I am Lati!

Here is a miracle appeared in my Dollhouse six months ago. I beg to love and favor, this is Haru, the baby of the family Latidoll.20160830_190307

This is a very famous Dolls company produces BJD  of various sizes, organized along the color lines.
It is their distinguishing mark. But the color palette only shows the dimension dolls.
And each of these lines has its nuances. This so-called Special sizes.

White – 9.5 cm
White Special 12 cm
Yellow – 16 cm
Yellow Special – 20 cm

In my dollhouse, there are three dolls in this company. Lati White Haru, Lati White SP Belle, Lati Yellow Jia.
About the other dolls that you can read on the official Site of the company. I will show my dolls. And let’s start with a little photo introduction.




Babes from White line is are fun dolls that can fit in the palm of a little girl. They are made in the style of “CHIBI”.


Sometimes Chibi or Chibi — style anime drawing characters with a small body and big, almost disproportionately him head. Often used in some episodes to emphasize the Comedy of the situation.


Usually,  “Chibi-characters” are very cute (kawaii), say childish voice and are often Moody or nervous character. Other notable features Chibi-style are huge oval eyes of characters occupying a large part of the face, as well as schematically drawn limbs. The fingers are usually not depicted, creating the feeling that the character is wearing mittens, in addition, to simplify exposed and feet that are drawn wedge-shaped elements that serve as an extension of the legs.commish_chibi_by_calvariae-d35qp7t

The Japanese word Chibi means little person or child. Maybe humiliating for the younger or smaller people. Close to the Russian said Shorty, midget, midget.

My baby Haru from Latidoll is a touching baby, baby calves, protruding stomach and chubby knees.

We must pay tribute, the design of the sculpture of the bodies of the dolls from the company Latidoll at a very high level that even baby belly buttons transmitted very naturally.jkzFor the childlike tenderness and poignancy faces, collectors affectionately called dolls “LATISHKI”.%d1%80%d0%bf
In General, collectors characterize Lati White as soft and delicate dolls. But this fragility is deceptive: material (polyurethane), which Lati do my BJD-dolls – very durable, you can even say “shock”. It can withstand some pretty serious loads, though once again drop the doll, of course, not worth it. Material dolls Lati uniform and matte, the seams do not protrude and touch the dolls, Lati slightly velvety.%d0%bd%d0%b5%d0%b7%d0%b0%d0%b1%d1%83%d0%b4%d0%ba%d0%b8

due2Fans of these dolls very much, they love writing about their favorite and make a stunning photo. But almost all of them say that expect their dolls for a very long time. I can’t really talk about it because I bought my dolls on the secondary market. I would not be able to wait a year, yeah, yeah!!!!! It is so much sometimes waiting for their dolls bought them on the official website. ” Latidoll operates through order periods several times a year (roughly March, June, September, and December); at times between these periods, all dolls will appear as out of stock. It is possible to buy a doll outside of order periods, but the head and body must be bought separately, which costs more, and no Certificate of Authenticity is received.” ( official site information)

But what a magical state covers finally one that waited for her doll. She was in awe opening the box, and look at her amazing eyes) %d0%bd%d0%be%d0%b2%d1%8b%d0%b9-%d0%ba%d0%be%d0%bb%d0%bb%d0%b0%d0%b6I just want to show the photo, that’s the way they come to their happy owners. I thank Hina Ichigo for her post about the Lati white. some more information.lkik

 Barbie Kelly clothes maybe fit 


Lati White                 Lati White SP
height: 9.5 cm           height   12 cm
head: 3.66 in              Head      3,66 in
eyes: 8 mm                eyes      8mm
foot: 1.20 cm             foot   1,70 cm
chest: 5.3 cm             chest  6.3cm
waist: 5.7 cm             waist  6,5cm
hips: 6.2 cm               hips 7.3cm

This is the first part. To be continued!

If You like my work and you want to buy them for your dolls, Welcome to my store “Creativhook”.


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The Story about Hujoo

Today I’ll show you another doll from my Dollhouse.
This doll came to me about a year ago. She became very happy for her because I created the most beautiful dresses, which later became my main models. I first learned to change wigs and eyes.
Before her, I had no idea how to do it.  And, of course, I had a lot of excitement.


But then it passed, and each new way my Ellie I liked more than the former.
While I was waiting for the arrival of a new guest to the Dollhouse, I began to get acquainted with her in absentia. And here’s what I learned.


Hujoo was invented in Korea in 2005 by designer and head of the company Hujoo — Hyun song Ian. The facial features of the doll repeated the outline of the cat with pointed eyes and plump lips. According to the plan of Jan — Hugo rebellious teenager with a bad character, inherent to this age. His name comes from the English “huge” (huge), in connection with his large head and eyes.


After reading a lot of information on the different doll forums, I learned with horror that these dolls are not very accepted in families BC. As the press writes -” When the line of dolls from Hujoo ABS was first released, the denial in the BJD community has led to the decline in sales, far greater than expected company Hujoo.”.
I find it difficult to understand such an attitude to this dear creature. But the world of dolls is sometimes very cruel. But let’s not be about sad things and get back to Ellie.
That’s what I read about the company Hujoo.

First Hujoo doll debuted in Seoul in 2005. Prototype Hujoo — Mujoo was made of polyurethane resin. This material was very good for clear contours, small details, but too heavy for the big head dolls. Mujoo was more available and less mini-verse original Hujoo. The laboratory, in search of a better material, discovered ABS and upgraded it to the new Hujoo in 2007, which was presented the same year at the world puppet festival in Korea.


My doll came in a line of dolls 11-12 cm in 2011. And this line was called Hujoo baby. In this line there were three option little dollies Ted, Is, and Suve.
Mold my Ellis is Ted. Though the name mold boyish, she is very cute and attractive doll. She has 14 points of articulation and assembled like a traditional BJD doll.


A little later I stumbled upon an amazing article which was written in great detail about my doll.

A huge thank you to Ashley for this information. I hope that the author will not be mad at me if I posted a link to her article.
Sure you will be interested to read it.




In this post, I used an Article about Hujoo on

All dresses can see in my Etsy shop Creativhook.

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Story about the kindness and Kelly.

Remember in the first post, I told you the story of the emergence of my very first doll? I called her Nina. This doll Simba Evi.

Nina has become my favorite model. Just for her, I did the first collection of dresses and suits. I, naive, thought that this is Kelly))) And therefore on different resources, exposing my works, wrote that this outfit dress for Kelly))
Now, of course, I know the real Kelly.) So… On one of these sites I wrote one good lady:” Your dress is very cute, but why do you show them on the wrong doll?”
At first, I was taken aback, but our dialogue continued and the lady gave me a gift with a note – “I want you to show your wonderful outfits on this Kelly, so I’ll send you the doll as a gift.”
I was touched to the depths of such a proposal and waited for the overseas guest.
After a month I finally received a package from the US, and what was my surprise in the bag lay as many as two dolls!!! So cute and nice. Blondie and brunette with a short Bob. They were naked and completely ready to dress in beautiful outfits.
I’m certainly in response made a dress for my kind companion. So all the attention is on the screen. Yes,image1

I forgot to say that the first time I wanted to move away from the bright colors and tie something in subtle shades.il_570xn-1172530479_gy3iimage1



My stories


Hello, I am Olga. I am from Russia.

I was born in Severomorsk, where he served in the Navy, my father. Later he moved to Saint Petersburg, where I live now. Petersburg for me, the most favorite city, the eternal source of inspiration and admiration of cultural heritage.

“I from early childhood, as far as I can remember, and the stories of my mother, engaged in various kinds of needlework. Basically, it is, of course, was knitting. Thanks to my grandmother who showed me the basics and taught to hold knitting needles and a crochet hook. So it seems to me now that I knit all my life.”

How it all began
Starting in 2014, knitting from a hobby to a job and acquired the name of “Creativhook”.
I well remember that important day when I realized that the doll wardrobe is what I would like to do is always: “Returning from work, I saw an elderly woman, who sold on a small tray, like a doll. Maybe I was a bit sorry for the woman, but maybe my opinion was interested in the babydoll face. It was so nice that I just unbearably wanted to take her home! She stood on the tray and patiently waited when I will pay attention  frankly, for many of my friends such a sharp reversal in this topic came as a surprise. Because I used to make jewelry, but interest in it is beginning to fade. And here, as inspiration! – I finally realized that the little outfits for the dolls – that’s exactly what I wanted to do!”


Now, when my hobby for almost 2 years, my work is all the more interesting to fans and collectors of dolls. Who wouldn’t want to dress your baby in clothes? By the way, to some extent, and I became a collector, that doll’s wardrobes were not bound “by eye”, and had pinpoint accuracy. Of course, to buy all the dolls impossible, but the most interesting is already settled in my collection. They are my treasure and source of inspiration. And with them, I will introduce you to my blog.

Doll story

Vintage story of disguise.

Vintage dolls have their own stories, and we have only to guess about their lives. We have come up with and think up.

I love vintage dolls, I write them stories and decorate them according to these stories). In my collection, there are a couple of vintage dolls marked Germany. That’s about them in my story. I came across them on Ebay and couldn’t not  to buy it. They were in the Bavarian national costumes and badly battered. The couple was washed and stripped. It was necessary to create the outfits and the story. She was born unexpectedly quickly. Looking at the doll man, I clearly introduced him as the captain or perhaps the boatswain, who strikes the bell and announces the departure of the ship or Vice versa on arrival at the port. So the idea was born and gradually rolled… Outfit the little captain was created.

The outfit was very ceremonial. Bright red jacket with epaulets and a medal, dark blue pants and a cap with a badge. He stood on the pier and hit the bell. But by chance, our brave captain saw her. She walked down the pier in a lovely dress sea waves and Flirty with Jack. And as the song goes… And fell in love with  a boy))))


A few days later they were married, for such a solemn event, Gretchen dressed in a national costume and became even more beautiful, so that battered the captain removed her hat)))



After a while, Gretchen was already dressed casually but not less stylish…


Doll story

Miniature dollhouse dolls



In the first publication, I wrote about the doll 4 inches. I am very glad that I can show all my works and Hobbies. Following my discovery of steel miniature babies. Stumbled on them, I fell in love and fantasy began to play incessantly. They are so cute and soft, and so comfortable to lie on the palm that is not possible not to fall in love with them. First I knit just dresses, blouses and pants. Then came the inspiration and the outfits have become thematic. In working with these babies I use a very tiny hook and fine wool for embroidery. The course is everything I accumulated in my entire creative life) Beads and ribbons, lace and cloth. Meet my babies.45df00 55b785 03703a 7955dd dc0e1c il_570xN.894864339_2id8 il_570xN.934033159_t45d il_570xN.934287514_lk02 il_570xN.1012606303_ffeail_570xN.862951400_ew8l